Understanding Modern Video Streaming in the Enterprise

In the past several decades, changes in video technology have frequently occurred through seismic shifts in ecosystem support. The triumph of VHS over Betamax, the subsequent shift from VHS to DVD, and the rise of H.264 have all followed a pattern in which the industry rallies around a technology and solidifies its position in the market.

ICON - CTA - Modern Streaming Video in the Enterprise - WANopIn 2015, the next sea change is underway. Legacy video streaming protocols built on overlay networks, custom protocols, and specialized servers are giving way to chunked, connectionless, HTTP-based “Modern Streaming.”

Organizations that implement their live and on-demand video infrastructure using Modern Streaming stand to benefit from reductions in cost and network management complexity, and from improvements in scalability and the viewing experience. Because modern video protocols have been built to leverage the architecture of the internet and corporate WANs, they work in concert with organizations’ existing web caching infrastructure and WAN optimization technologies.

For organizations with video infrastructure built on legacy streaming protocols like RTMP, MMS, and RTSP, and organizations that have invested in multicast video communication, Modern Streaming represents an inflection point. Although continued investment in legacy video technology limits near-term disruption, it prolongs an inevitable technology transition, increases the eventual cost of switching, and limits the choice of technology providers who are actively divesting from the technologies.

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In our latest white paper, Modern Video Streaming in the Enterprise: Protocols, Caching, and WAN Optimization, we’ll take a deeper look into the technical shifts driving the move toward Modern Streaming, including the seven characteristics that make a video streaming protocol modern.

We’ll also look that the new opportunities Modern Streaming presents for organizations to use existing network infrastructure for more scalable, cost-effective video delivery.

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Published: April 23, 2015