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This Week’s Greatest Ideas Shared With a Panopto Video — April 25, 2014

There’s a thousand reasons to record a presentation. Scaling a training department. Reaching a larger audience online. Engaging viewers with visual content that text and images can’t match. Creating a searchable reference resource for students or colleagues.

But why we record our presentations is more fundamental.

To share.

To share ideas, insights, and information. To share enthusiasm, excitement, and encouragement. To share best practices, expertise, and next steps.

An online presentation — be it recorded and available on demand or webcast live and streaming worldwide — is a simple, practical means to show what we know and help others learn it too.

At Panopto we’re in the lucky position to be the tool of choice for sharing ideas for hundreds of businesses, schools, and organizations around the world. Every day we get to see incredibly smart, sophisticated, useful ideas shared as recorded presentations.

And in the spirit of sharing, we want to share some of our favorites with you.

Standing Tall image - Panopto Video Platform

Standing Tall — Inspiration and Passion in Structural Engineering

A recorded webcast from the Institution of Structural Engineers, in which Kamran Moazami talks about his 33 years of structural engineering experience, who inspired him, how he endeavours to inspire younger structural engineers, as well as his passion for structural engineering and the joy he’s found in designing and realizing his greatest buildings.

Central Michigan APA presentation image - Panopto Video Platform

APA: An Overview

The Central Michigan University Writing Center team offers a detailed look at APA Style Guidelines for references and in-text citations. An absolutely invaluable online presentation for anyone working in a research or academic environment.

Mind In Camden Presentation image - Panopto Video Platform

Hearing Voices in Childhood & Adolescence: Helping Young People Who Hear Voices Reclaim Their Lives

Join Rachel Waddingham of Mind In Camden for this important presentation reviewing the stigma around mental illnesses can result in hearing voices. Waddingham’s webcast discusses the experiences common to adolescents who hear voices, and the importance of breaking through the silence to help those in need seek help.

Tableau presentation image - Panopto Video Platform

Understanding Tableau Query Performance

In this social learning video, Tableau Software senior software engineer Robert Morton details best practices for how to use the company’s analytics visualization tools to refine existing data visualizations using filters and dashboards.

University of Kent presentation image - Panopto Video CMS

Assessment Under the European Union Strategic Environmental Assessment and the Water Framework Directives

University of Kent professor William Howarth’s lecture capture video discussing the evolution of EU environmental law as it progresses from reactionary to anticipatory regulation of risks, and how this change places increased emphasis on the mechanisms of how risks of future harm are assessed.

Carnegie Mellon University lecture image - Panopto Video Platform

Homotopy Type Theory lectures from Carnegie Mellon University

CMU professor Robert Harper was kind enough to share all 23 sessions of his graduate research seminar on Homotopy Type Theory. Dr Harper doesn’t shy away from the complexity of the subject matter — check out his course summary page for more details.

Panopto makes it easy to record and share online presentations, both as live streaming webcasts and recorded on-demand video. To see how Panopto can help you share your ideas, contact our team for a free trial today.