What Else Can We Do With Our Video Platform?

“What can we do to better serve the needs of our non-local students and their families?”

It’s a question many universities are asking these days, as they recruit more out-of-state students, expand distance learning programs, and open satellite campuses. The challenge for these universities is to help students and families located far away from main campus feel as connected as those who live on campus and in the surrounding area.

ICON CTA - Kettering - Panopto Video Platform Case StudyAddressing this challenge requires creative thinking and a willingness to experiment — two traits that Kettering University, one of the nation’s premier STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) institutions, prides itself in.

The Challenge:
Could STEM pioneer Kettering University find a way to live stream commencement for students and families worldwide — on two weeks’ notice?

The Solution:
Kettering turned to the university’s existing lecture capture and distance learning video platform, Panopto — and broadcast spring graduation ceremonies without a hitch.

The Benefits:
Kettering helped it’s new graduates share their big day with friends and family around the world, a great win for the school’s community and alumni relations that required no new technology investments.

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Challenged to find new ways to enhance their students’ university experience, Kettering found an opportunity to expand how the school had been using its existing lecture capture platform.

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Published: October 14, 2015