What The Buzz Around Meerkat Means For Corporate Training and Communications Teams

Coming out of SXSW this week, all the buzz surrounds a fascinating new app that makes it possible to share what’s going on in an entirely new way.

Launched only in late February, Meerkat is a new app that allows users to live stream video right from a smartphone, using Twitter to share the stream with others. Early adopters at SXSW catapulted the service into the limelight, and already today 13,000-15,000 Meerkat streams now going live daily, with about 60,000 watchers are tuning in. The most popular stream yet topping out at 2,261 concurrent viewers. Not bad, considering Meerkat didn’t exist 4 weeks ago.

Meerkat for iOS - Panopto E-learning Video Platform

Meerkat is designed to enable personal live streaming video from your phone,
promotable via Twitter

What The Popularity of Meerkat Says About The Value Of Video for Sharing Events — Big and Small

The meteoric rise of Meerkat provides yet another point of proof — when it’s an option, nothing compares to the power of video to share an idea, a moment, or an insight.

Video has rapidly become a standard option for sharing across virtually every form of social media. Meerkat is the latest example, but even just this past January none other than Twitter rolled out its own native support for video in its posts. And Facebook has stated the platform expects the majority of its posts to be video within the next 5 years.

The enthusiasm around video in social channels underscores the power of video to improve the way we share information. The moves by Twitter and Facebook in particular seem to indicate that these sites — built specifically for sharing quick, text-based updates — have come to see that video is simply a better way to share some ideas.

Meerkat in particular is interesting in its own way. Exclusively focused on live streaming the moment, Meerkat is proving that no text update, recap, summary, comment, or observation can quite equal the power of “just being there.” Whether that’s at a conference like SXSW, a class, a meeting, or just a personal conversation, Meerkat is proving that people want to take part in the things they are interested, and that they see video as a means to do just that.

What The Rise of Meerkat Should Teach Corporate Training and Communications Teams

The instant popularity of sharing in our friends’, peers’, and colleagues’ experiences — live via real time video — should spark a few new ideas all across corporate organizations. Businesses today are constantly searching for new means to make their internal and external messages more engaging — Meerkat is offering an example for just how organizations might achieve that goal.

Emphasizing the value of live streaming
Meerkat is making it possible for friends to share a “being there” experience at the click of a button — and the as the data suggests, people are jumping on the opportunity.

For businesses, that same capability may already be available as part of your corporate video platform. Panopto customers can instantly live broadcast any recording from a Windows PC with a single mouse click — and that webcast can be shared either publicly with thousands (or even tens of thousands), or, can be distributed securely just to a few select individuals.

That means events like town halls and conferences can be shared live with staff instantly with ease, and that external communications like investor relations calls can be streamed publicly from anywhere without requiring a ton of production.

An example of an investor relations call that was live-streamed with Panopto

Highlighting the importance of on-demand video libraries
For all the popularity of Meerkat, the service also has one setting that leave most observers scratching their heads. By design, Meerkat is intended for live use. Friends that happen to catch the feed while it’s active get to take part — miss by even a few minutes, however, and all you see is something like this:

Meerkat - Stream Over - Panopto Training Video Platform

Meerkat’s “STREAM OVER” notice may not be the most desirable user experience for business video

“Sorry, you just had to be there” may be a reasonable counter should a friend ask to see video you streamed earlier, but that’s probably not true for most organizational video.

For all the effort that goes into hosting a conference or putting on a town hall or classroom training session — not to mention the evergreen value of all the information you’ll share there — most businesses will want to find a way to make those streams available on-demand even after the recording stops.

Here too, your corporate YouTube makes things easy. With Panopto, every live webcast video is also automatically recorded and uploaded to your business’s video library, where it can be shared almost instantly even with those individuals who couldn’t make the live broadcast. Panopto even indexes every word spoken or shown on-screen for your videos, so even team members who never knew you were holding the event at all can search and find your recordings and fast forward to the relevant moments they need.

Help Your Organization Tap into the Power of Streaming Video

Panopto makes it simple for any organization to live stream video over the web — and share those recordings on-demand even after the moment has long passed. To try Panopto in your organization, contact our team for a demo or sign up for a free trial of our video software today.

Published: March 19, 2015