What Your Generation Y New Hires Expect from Your Corporate Video Platform

By the time they graduate, the average Millennial will have spent more than 20 years using video is a tool both for learning and for communications. As they prepare to enter the workforce, for many of today’s students, video has become just as integral to getting work done as email is for those of us in the corporate environment.

As the members of Generation Y continue to find new business use cases for video, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the thought of supporting a half-dozen point solutions to enable employees to record, manage, search, and share video.

The good news is, you don’t have to. Academia has already found a solution to this problem — the video platform.

Modern corporate video platforms (sometimes called video libraries, video content management systems, or simply a “corporate YouTube”) support video from end to end — recording, managing, searching, sharing, and viewing — enabling organizations to do more new things with video as well as get more value out of existing video. Having already worked with them in school, today’s college graduates entering the workforce will often be as familiar with a video platform as they are with an email inbox.

Using video for elearning - Panopto Video Training PlatformYears ago such an internal video library would have been an enormous undertaking. Microsoft famously spent $6.2 million over 3 years to build its Academy portal for internal video, although today the company estimates the system has generated an incredible 569% ROI and helped the company save $13.9 million, largely due to reducing the cost of training.

Today a video platform can be more efficiently sourced, with affordable options for both hosted and on-premises deployments.

So what are the features you’ll want to look for in a corporate video platform that will support your organization?

Flexible Video Recording Options
Flexible Recording Options - Panopto Video PlatformThe single most essential aspect to video is also the most straightforward: you need to be able to record it, quickly, and ideally from anywhere.

No matter the subject, video is only as effective as your recording technology allows it to be. Your video solution should be able to record with whatever camera your employees use, or record their screen, or their mobile device, and do so whenever and wherever the employee chooses. Restricting employees to specific camcorders or dedicated studio rooms only creates hurdles to adoption, thereby limiting the value that a large organizational knowledge library can provide.

An ideal video solution should allow any member of your team to capture an unlimited number of video sources, including one or many streams from any webcam, camcorder, or other camera; video from mobile devices or wearable technologies, screen capture video, and presentation. The more recording options your system enables, the more ways your employees will find to enhance their productivity with video.

Search that Indexes The Actual Content In Your Video
Search Inside Video - Panopto Video PlatformFor a generation that expects on-demand information, your videos are useless if your team can’t instantly find them.

Historically this has been a challenge for video, as many video solutions offer only limited ability to search via manually added metadata like titles or tags. And the challenge continued even when an employee actually found a video — with many business recordings running 30-60 minutes or longer, the only means to find the 2 relevant minutes was to hunt-and-peck through the entire timeline.

Modern video platforms offer a better option. Offering features like automatic speech recognition, optical character recognition, and slide content ingestion, many platforms can index a significant amount of the actual content spoken or shown in your videos. To help save your team time and make better use of your video library, look for a platform that indexes as much of your video content as possible and allows your team to search both across all the videos in your library as well as inside the actual contents of each video, with the option to fast-forward to the specific, relevant moment.

Support For Video On Any Device
Mobile Video Presentations - Panopto Video PlatformMillennials are redefining the notion of work-life balance to connect to the office when and where they need — and regardless of what the clock says. These new employees need the ability to access relevant video wherever they may be any time of day, and on whatever device they’re using.

As more organizations move to a Bring Your Own Device model, enabling all employees to use personal technology to be more productive at work, your video solution must be ready to accommodate the wide variety of devices the members of Generation Y so commonly have at hand. An effective video solution must allow employees to view video on any device they have, regardless of the original recording type.

Ideally your solution should offer native apps that allow users to interact with your video library just as they would from a desktop browser, complete with search, sharing, recording, and upload support along with viewing capabilities.

A Secure Video Library
As webcams and smartphone cameras have become standard equipment, few of your new employees will have difficulty finding a means to record video. But what happens to that video once it’s recorded?

Too often today for organizations without a video library, that recording is simply saved to a hard drive, a network file share, or a SharePoint site where it’s nearly impossible for others to discover. In those cases, even when the file is found, it can only be played back if the viewer happens to have a device that can play that specific file type.

Of equal concern is security. Organizations that lack video content management options may find that employees already comfortable with consumer tools like YouTube or DropBox may be choosing to use these public spaces to share internal content in the name of efficiency. Ensuring your video and file systems are easy to find and easy to use with a mobile device can mitigate many unintentional security lapses.

Modern video platforms address these issue head-on, providing centralized video libraries that make sharing easy by providing a single point for file storage. As Forrester Research notes, “While content management is a less-pressing issue for organizations producing very little video, this discipline will be critical as video content production starts to expand dramatically.”

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Published: June 26, 2014