What’s New in Panopto 4.8? SharePoint, 60fps, and a Whole Lot More

About a month and a half ago, we released some major updates to our video platform, including a brand new media pipeline built on HLS and HTML5, snap-ins for accessing and managing your video content from other websites, a new video capture appliance, and enhancements to our LMS integrations.

Today, we’re announcing another big release. Panopto 4.8 includes new functionality built to simplify access to your video content and improve the video playback experience. Specifically, here’s what’s new in our latest release:

  1. A new SharePoint app that brings enterprise-grade video management to SharePoint Online and On-Premises customers
  2. 60fps support for streaming broadcast-quality video
  3. Live webcasting to iPads and iPhones from Windows PCs
  4. Search federation with a range of applications using the OpenSearch standard
  5. Support for approval workflows
  6. A new option to host your Panopto cloud in Europe
  7. Continuous sync of enrollments in Moodle
  8. Batch scheduling of recordings


A Better Way to Manage Video in SharePoint

SharePoint is one of the most popular enterprise content management systems in the market. Even before the successful launch of SharePoint Server 2013 and SharePoint Online, it’s estimated that nearly 80% of Fortune 500 companies relied on SharePoint for enterprise collaboration and content management.

Like most traditional content management systems, SharePoint wasn’t built to address the unique challenges of video — challenges like multi-gigabyte file size, efficient streaming over the corporate network, video format incompatibilities, and the need to search inside the actual content of videos.

So today, we’re introducing the Panopto Video Management app for SharePoint. The app is available in the SharePoint app store, bringing enterprise-grade video capture and sharing capabilities to both SharePoint Online customers and the more than 75% of SharePoint customers using SharePoint Server 2013 on-premises.

 SharePoint App Store 1 (Large)An embedded playlist of Panopto videos in SharePoint


Here are a few features of the app:

  • Single sign-on (SSO) – Log in to your Panopto server using your SharePoint username and password and automatically sync permissions between SharePoint and Panopto.
  • Video embedding – Videos stored in your Panopto library can be embedded into any editable SharePoint page.
  • Playlist embedding – Collections of Panopto videos can also be embedded into SharePoint pages. These video collections automatically inherit permissions from your SharePoint groups, ensuring that only authorized users can watch embedded videos.
  • Search federation – For SharePoint On-Premises users, Panopto Smart Search results now appear alongside SharePoint search results.
  • Video upload – Pre-recorded videos can be uploaded to Panopto from within SharePoint. Unlike SharePoint and Office 365 Video, there’s no cap on the maximum file size.
  • Transcoding – Every uploaded video is automatically converted for standard HTML5 playback on any laptop, tablet, and smartphone.
  • Streaming – Live and on-demand videos are efficiently streamed internally across your corporate WAN or externally over the internet using the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol.
  • Recording and webcasting – From any SharePoint page, you can launch Panopto’s recording and webcasting software in order capture and live stream media from any video source.
  • Analytics – With a couple of clicks, you can access Panopto’s video reports, providing insights into your most popular videos, viewing behavior, completion rates, and more.
  • Editing – Panopto’s multi-stream video editor is also just a few clicks away, making it easy to trim, clip, splice, and caption your videos.

Check out the app today – it’s available at no cost to all of our customers.


60fps Video Streaming

Purchase a new HD video camera today and chances are that it supports 60 frames-per-second (fps) recording. The same holds true for medical and industrial capture devices, action cams like the GoPro and Mobius, and increasingly, many of the smartphones we carry around our pockets including the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The devices we use to watch video generally support 60fps playback as well. This includes HDTVs, laptop monitors, tablets, and smartphones.

And major media companies like ABC, FOX, and ESPN are increasingly broadcasting their television channels in 60fps.

Why then, has online video streaming lagged behind the times, supporting a maximum frame rate of only 30fps? As network speeds and CPU processing power have continued to grow in recent years, there’s no reason that online video shouldn’t also support high frame-rate (HFR) streaming for live and on-demand feeds.

So as part of today’s launch, we’re excited to announce that Panopto is the first enterprise video platform to support 60fps video delivery. This means that HFR video sources, including camcorders, document cameras, and other HDMI devices, can now be recorded and live webcast in Panopto at up to 60 frames per second. It also means that pre-recorded 60fps videos—say, from an iPhone 6—can be uploaded into Panopto’s video content management system and streamed on demand at their original high frame rate.

60fps Streaming

Record, webcast and upload 60fps video in Panopto 4.8

For everything from executive communications, keynote presentations, and live-streamed events to medical animations, engineering simulations, and architectural videos, 60fps delivers smoother, sharper video that feels more like an HDTV broadcast than the “good enough” online feeds we’ve become accustomed to in the past decade.

Check out a couple of sample 60fps videos below:

 NASA MMS 60fps

An overview of NASA’s MMS mission. Animation and interviews recorded at 60fps.

Industrial Machinery 60fps

Industrial machinery recorded and streamed at 60 frames per second.


Search Federation using the OpenSearch Standard

McKinsey and IDC report that knowledge workers spend 8 hours a week simply searching for the information they need to do their jobs. As video use in the enterprise continues to skyrocket, the ability to quickly find information stored within massive video libraries becomes critical. Similarly in education, institutions like the University of Arizona are capturing thousands of hours of lecture videos every week, driving the need for searchable video content.

Last year, we announced Panopto Smart Search, a unique search engine that searches across these video libraries and inside the actual content of videos for any word spoken or shown. Smart Search makes it possible for employees, faculty and students to search videos as easily as they search email, documents and the web.

Today, we’re rolling out a new video search capability that makes it easier than ever to access Smart Search results. In Panopto 4.8, we support the OpenSearch standard, a collection of formats for describing and sharing search results. With OpenSearch, you can syndicate your organization’s video search results to any application that supports the standard.

Here is a short list of applications, content management systems, and enterprise social software that support OpenSearch:

  • Jive
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Windows 7 and 8


OpenSearch also makes it possible to search for Panopto videos directly from your web browser or the Windows File Explorer. Nearly anywhere you look for content, you can now access Smart Search.


Search for Panopto video content directly from your web browser.


Live Streaming to iOS Devices

In recent years, live video streaming has become a fundamental part of how businesses deliver training and executive communication, and how academic institutions deliver online and distance learning. Panopto has always made it easy to live stream video presentations and lectures from any Windows PC to other desktops and laptops.

Today, we’re taking the next step in making live streaming universally available to anyone on any device.  In Panopto 4.8, live streams from Windows PCs can now be viewed on any iPhone or iPad. With one additional click in the Panopto webcasting software, you can turn an on-demand recording into a live stream that can be accessed on any desktop, laptop, or iOS device by thousands of viewers simultaneously across your organization’s WAN or over the internet.

For employees and students, live streaming to iOS means that you never have to miss a town hall meeting, corporate event, or lecture even when you’re on the go. And for IT organizations, Panopto’s use of HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) means that there’s no need to manually configure network firewalls and proxy servers to support live streams. All Panopto streams make use of ports 80 and 443, the default ports already opened for HTTP and HTTPS traffic, respectively.


Content Moderation with Approval Workflows

As video becomes easier and more convenient to create, it’s quickly becoming the preferred

way to share ideas and information. YouTube has become a repository not only for cat videos and Xbox game recordings, but also for helpful tips, best practices, and educational information on everything from accounting to zoology and everything in between.

As part of this, within businesses, more and more employees are turning away from text-heavy wikis and forums and toward what they already do at home — turning on a webcam or setting up a screen capture tool, and clicking record. Within higher education, students are recording MBA presentations, foreign language assignments, and more.

With the spike in user-generated video, there is a growing need for that video content to be moderated before it’s published.  To meet this need, Panopto 4.8 includes content approval workflows. The new functionality enables video creators and administrators to specify “Publishers” for any Panopto folder. Publishers are alerted via email anytime a new video has been uploaded into the folder. They can then review and comment on videos before they’re made available for playback. If a video is rejected, the creator receives an email with the publisher’s comments, and can edit the video and resubmit for approval. Only when a video has been approved by a publisher will it become visible for others to watch.

 Approval Workflows v3

Panopto 4.8 introduces simple approval workflows for content moderation.


What Else is New in Panopto 4.8?

As with every release, we’ve made additional improvements across our video platform based on customer feedback. Here’s a look at what else is new in 4.8.

Video hosting in Europe – As part of our continued growth in European markets, we’ve expanded our cloud infrastructure with a new regional hosting option in Ireland. This means that new and existing customers in Europe can now host their video content in the Dublin-based Amazon Web Services (AWS) data center. The new option can be set through a simple dropdown box when a Panopto site is set up, and it can be changed at any time at no cost. The European hosting option provides our business and university customers with greater choice in how they manage their video content, making it easier to comply with organizational standards and policies for data management.

Batch scheduling of recordings – Many of our university and corporate customers are using Panopto’s remote recording software to automate the setup of on demand recordings and live webcasts. Now, using a simple admin tool, these customers can schedule groups of recordings at the same time.  The batch scheduling tool is built on Panopto’ s API. It enables organizations to create and edit schedule files in Excel and ingest those schedules into their Panopto system. The admin tool uses a standard XML-based format, making it easier to programmatically export schedules from room scheduling and automation software and ingest them into Panopto. If you’re looking for the admin tool, it’s available at no cost to our customers on our Github site.

Rolling sync with Moodle – With more than 50,000 registered sites, Moodle continues to be one of the most popular learning management systems in the world. And today, Panopto customers who use Moodle have access to new functionality that dramatically simplifies enrollment management. With rolling sync functionality, our Moodle integration automatically updates itself as course enrollments change. So at the start of the semester, as students add and drop courses, there’s no longer any need to manually re-provision courses – updates happen automatically.


Find Out More

If you’re interested to find out more about what’s new in Panopto 4.8, or about how our video platform can help your organization capture, manage, and search video more efficiently, contact our team to request a free trial of our software.

Published: January 20, 2015