Why You Shouldn’t Store Video On SharePoint

For most business video, it’s the last box to check.

You’ve come up with a great idea, planned it, recorded it, edited it, and now you’ve got this amazing video.

But where do you put it?

Business video is only valuable if your people can easily find and watch it. Yet today, many of us finish that recording and simply drop the file onto a network file share or upload it to one of the many SharePoint sites scattered across the corporate intranet.

While saving to the team SharePoint or LAN folder is commonplace and acceptable for documents, it’s often not the answer for your enterprise video. Why?

  • File size – Video requires significantly more storage space than most documents. Even 5 to 10-minute videos can exceed SharePoint’s maximum file size.
  • Insufficient search – SharePoint allows you to find files based on filenames and manually entered metadata, but that’s just a starting point for what most people want with video search. Ideally, you should be able to search inside videos for specific words mentioned by the speaker or shown on-screen. SharePoint doesn’t provide this capability.
  • Difficulty sharing – Network file shares and SharePoint sites aren’t often set up to provide access outside your corporate firewall. So if you want to share your video with partners or customers, you’re in a bind.
  • Difficulty viewing – File shares and SharePoint sites just host your videos – they don’t do anything to ensure compatibility with devices being used to watch them. So, for example, if you’ve posted a Flash video (.flv) to SharePoint, there’s no easy way for employees with iPhones and iPads to view it.

To make sure your organization gets the most out of your video, it needs to be accessible on an external video host like YouTube, or on your own corporate video content management system (VCMS).

So what’s better: YouTube or the corporate VCMS? Find out in our new white paper, A YouTube Channel vs. the Corporate YouTube: A Guide to Choosing the Right Place for Your Videos.

Published: January 31, 2014