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Implementing a platform for learning to continue through this public health emergency is paramount to supporting professors, teachers, students, and staying on track for the academic year. Panopto is here to support your institution.

Panopto specializes in remote learning and is the leading platform for colleges, universities, and schools, with over 1,000 institutions choosing Panopto. Our robust video platform is easy-to-use, requires no browser plug-ins, and is scalable.

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Conduct and share online lectures

Transition with ease to support your remote students with lectures viewed on-demand during this health emergency. Lectures are automatically added, securely stored, and shared with your students through your LMS or Panopto’s sharing feature. Easily adapt your classroom to an accessible, virtual experience that preserves the quality of education students would receive in a traditional classroom.


A simple solution that does not require IT

Our simple student viewing experience needs no IT assistance. Students can view on any device using a browser, no plugins, or installations. The seamless integration of Panopto with LMS and video conferencing tools means students can stay in the LMS environment where they already go to learn.


A viewing experience optimized for learning

Students can learn faster with a playback experience that includes quizzing, captions, bookmarks, time-stamped personalized notes, and group discussion threads all within the video experience.


Provide video feedback to students

Deliver personalized feedback to remote students to view on-demand when real-time or in-person feedback is not an option.

Training Videos a Jumble?

Incorporate student learning assignments

Have remote students easily record video assignments instead of presenting in-person. Panopto Capture allows video recordings from a browser with no plugin required, and no help from IT.

Capture and keep interest remotely

Easily adapt your teaching to keep remote students engaged in learning. With Panopto’s interactive video player, students can see you presenting, your on-screen content, and any other media streams — all synced within in a single interface, in full HD. Students can switch between video feeds, zoom-in on a preferred stream for a full-screen view, and even take time-stamped notes.

Support All Students

Help students who might otherwise fall behind

Support students who are participating remotely in real time, but also those students who are behind because they are sick or supporting family members. Panopto allows students to search across the entire video library for any word, spoken or written, to find exactly the material they need right at the relevant point inside the video.

We’re Prepared - We’ve Been Prepared

Panopto’s cloud-hosted service maintains your video server infrastructure and ensures continuous, optimal delivery. Hosted on Amazon Web Services with geographic server options in the US, Canada, EU, and Asia, Panopto Cloud is secure, scalable, mirrored for redundancy, and built to ensure uptime and reliability.