Secure, On-Demand Video Solution for Business Continuity

Implementing a platform for work to continue remotely through this public health emergency is paramount to supporting employees. Panopto is here to help you during this trying time.

Help remote employees catch up and remain productive with more flexibility in their schedules, all with no assistance from IT. Our robust video platform is easy-to-use, requires no browser plugins, and is scalable.

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Help employees who miss meetings

Support employees who are participating remotely in real time, but also those employees who miss meetings because they are sick or assisting family members. Record meetings for employees to watch later on demand. Zoom and other video conferencing tools automatically export a video of the meeting into Panopto’s video library. The video is automatically shared for secure viewing, accessible only to those invited to the meeting.

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Enable rich discussions between remote employees

Employees still need to convey complex and nuanced information, even when colleagues are not available in real time. Documents are cumbersome to write and not engaging for readers. Emails and chat-based collaboration tools are lean media not suited for rich discussion. Using only a browser with no plugins, employees can quickly narrate recordings of their screens and whiteboards, along with a camera view of themselves speaking. The resulting video can be securely shared with one or more colleagues for viewing later when schedules permit.

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A simple solution that does not require IT

Employees can view on any device using a browser, with no plugins or installations. The seamless integration of Panopto with videoconferencing and collaboration tools means Panopto shows up inside unified communications systems where employees are working remotely.

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Keep employees feeling connected to the company

Executives can live webcast to thousands of employees at once. Employees can view the webcast securely in a browser, with no plugins, and even pause or rewind as needed. If they miss the webcast entirely, they can securely view later, on demand.

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Help employees find what they need

In a remote working environment, employees want to be empowered to quickly find the information they need, just in time. Panopto allows employees to search across the entire video library for any word, spoken or written, to find exactly the material they need right at the relevant point inside the video.

We’re Prepared - We’ve Been Prepared

Panopto’s cloud-hosted service maintains your video server infrastructure and ensures continuous, optimal delivery. Hosted on Amazon Web Services with geographic server options in the US, Canada, EU, and Asia, Panopto Cloud is secure, scalable, mirrored for redundancy, and built to ensure uptime and reliability.