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“Panopto has become a driving force behind a massive digital transformation at Canon Solutions America — it’s taking our entire organization to the next level.”

Eric Hill, Senior Product Training Specialist, Canon Solutions America, Inc. Canon Solutions America

“There are so many products out there that promise great capture, but no other solution delivers support and management like Panopto.”

Jimmy Lieu, Director, Information Technology and Services, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business

“Previously it could take someone three to four months to really get immersed in one of our products. Our process is more efficient now, and that’s where we see the greatest benefit. Using Panopto makes us more effective internally which, in turn, enables us to communicate more effectively with our customers.”

CEO, Financial Technology Company
Create training with just a click of a button.

Presentation Recording That Anyone Can Do

With just a few clicks, you can record yourself presenting from your webcam alongside visuals from your computer screens and other connected recording devices. Blur your background, simultaneously record multiple sources, and turn any webcam into a smartcam that keeps you in the center of the frame as you move about the room.

Panopto's online video editing software makes it easy to accomplish the most common video editing tasks, right from your browser

Video Presentation Editing With Just a Click

Start editing any presentation recording right in your browser. Trim or split into smaller clips, and switch between different video sources. Upload, combine and splice new and existing videos. The non-destructive video editor allows you to remove edits at any time.

Panopto's video streaming architecture ensures viewers on any device, anywhere can watch in high definition

Interactive Viewing From Anywhere

Your viewers can see you, your presentation, and any other media streams you wish to share — all within a single interface, in full HD. Viewers can navigate presentations using an auto-generated table of contents, search within presentations, zoom in on a preferred stream for a full-screen view, and even take time-stamped notes.

Inside Video Search that Takes Viewers to the Right Moments

Every video presentation you record and share is 100% searchable. Viewers can search for specific words spoken or text that appears on the screen and be taken to the exact moment in the video with just a click.

Video User Engagement Stats - Panopto

Know Who is Watching What, and Why

Up-to-the-minute detailed reports on viewing behavior and audience engagement reveal the important insights that show if your presentations are creating the desired impact or if there are opportunities for improvement.

Panopto's secure video portal is a central repository for your corporate videos

Create with Ease, Share with Confidence

Every video presentation you create is stored in your own secure video library which makes it easy to manage and share presentations securely with one person or a hundred people inside or outside your organization. You control everything, including time and date restrictions, plus manage who can view or edit.

Commonly asked questions

Is this just a free trial?

No, it is a fully-featured presentation video library solution that you may use for as long as you wish. It includes everything needed for creating, managing, and streaming training videos.      


Can I upload, edit and share existing presentation videos?

Yes. If you have existing videos, you can upload, edit, and share them. All uploaded videos are automatically encoded for streaming and indexed for search.    


Why do I need Panopto if I can upload and share presentation videos for free using YouTube?

Unlike YouTube, where you sacrifice the ownership of your content and need a mix of tools to record and edit training videos, Panopto respects your content ownership and provides everything you need to record, edit, analyze, manage, and securely share presentation videos.      


Is Panopto a video conferencing solution like Zoom, Webex, and Teams?

Unlike video conferencing solutions which require everyone to be simultaneously present, Panopto provides the flexibility for you to create and share presentation videos that viewers can watch at any time and from any device.     


Does Panopto require me to forfeit or share my content rights?

Unlike free-to-use ad-funded solutions like Youtube, Panopto honors your rights as a creator. You will always retain full ownership and control of any content you create or share using Panopto.


Does Panopto watermark videos or set file size/time limitations?

Panopto will not watermark any videos, set file size, or time limitations.  


Will viewers see third-party ads on any videos I share with Panopto?

With Panopto, you control any content you create, including how you choose to monetize it. Panopto will not insert third-party ads or re-sell any viewer data.  As the content owner, you can choose to insert ads or monetize however you choose.


What type of secure video sharing can I do with Panopto?

With Panopto, you can securely share a video with just one person, a group of people, or anyone on the internet. Panotpo’s iron-clad security provides everything you need.  


Are there tips and tricks for creating video presentations?

Yes. Visit our how to create a powerpoint presentation tutorial to learn how to get started.  


Can I cancel at any time?

Except for our Enterprise offering, you can close your account at any time.

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