Panopto stellt strategische Marketingleiterin Christina Mautz als Chief Marketing Officer ein


December 6, 2021 – Seattle — Panopto, the leading video management system provider in the enterprise and higher education markets, today announced that Christina Mautz has joined its leadership team as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Mautz has served as a strategic marketing executive for some of the world’s largest technology companies, including Amazon and Yahoo, as well as several SaaS startups. She is known for developing and driving significant change initiatives based on customer and market insights to accelerate growth. Most recently, she was the CMO & Head of Sales for SEO leader Moz, where she helped usher the company through a successful acquisition.

In her new role as Panopto CMO, Mautz is responsible for global marketing, spanning growth and demand generation, brand marketing, marketing communications, content marketing, and product marketing initiatives. 

Over the last two years, Panopto has rapidly grown as institutions have implemented hybrid learning and work. With over 10 million unique users in the past 6 months, Panopto’s secure and easy-to-use video solution is now mission-critical for enterprises and universities around the world.

“In this new era of hybrid collaboration, Panopto continues to reach and serve a growing number of educators and knowledge workers in businesses around the world. Christina’s relentless focus on customers and track record for connecting businesses with solutions that help them grow and thrive make her a perfect fit during this pivotal moment in our company’s trajectory,” said Eric Burns, CEO of Panopto.  “We’re delighted to welcome Christina to Panopto’s fast-growing team.”

“Video has become an integral part of how people communicate, learn, and connect with others,” said Mautz. “Panopto enables businesses and educational institutions to share knowledge easily and securely, connecting their audiences with a video system users love. I am thrilled to join the Panopto team and look forward to sharing how video is changing people’s lives.”

Mautz is passionate about using the power of marketing for good by connecting businesses with solutions that help them thrive. She is a graduate of the University of Arizona (cum laude) and has a masters of professional writing from the University of Southern California.  When she’s not pondering marketing puzzles, she’s often deep in a novel or deep in a forest with her husband and two sons.

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Über Panopto

Panopto hilft Unternehmen und Universitäten, sichere, durchsuchbare Videobibliotheken ihres institutionellen Wissens zu erstellen. Seit 2007 ist das Unternehmen ein Pionier auf dem Gebiet der Videoerfassungssoftware, des Videomanagements und der Inside-Video-Search-Technologie. Heute ist das Video-Management-System von Panopto das weltweit größte Repository für Experten-Lernvideos. Panopto mit Hauptsitz in Seattle und Niederlassungen in Pittsburgh, London, Hongkong, Singapur und Sydney hat in der Branche Anerkennung für seine Innovation, sein schnelles Wachstum und seine Unternehmenskultur erhalten. Für weitere Informationen besuchen Sie

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