Lecture Capture Made Easy

Capturing a lecture with Panopto is as easy as opening a laptop and clicking “record.” Panopto automatically recognizes any connected cameras and microphones, and remembers professors’ recording settings to make setup simple.

Instructors can focus on teaching, not technology. Panopto provides flexible recording and uploading tools for creating video lessons anytime and anywhere, in-video quizzing that keeps students engaged, and scheduled recording so instructors can just show up to class and present.

Students can personalize their learning experiences. Panopto’s inside-video search lets students find and fast forward to any word spoken or shown in any lecture video, and variable speed playback allows them to set the pace for their studies.

Admins can free up more time to make a bigger impact. Panopto takes the hard work out of managing video resources on campus with rapid cloud deployment, instant provisioning, seamless LMS integrations, and top-rated customer support.

Whether you’re streaming classes live or capturing the session for on-demand playback, with Panopto, you can give distance learners the ability to see everything they would see in a classroom.

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