Record while you talk.

Panopto’s support for screen and audio capture enables you to record web conferences while they’re taking place. Panopto will capture your audio and the audio of everyone else on the call. And unlike web conferencing software, Panopto captures the content of the presenter’s screen and video of the participants.

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Upload existing web conference recordings.

Web conferencing tools like GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect, and WebEx provide built-in recording capabilities. But what do you do with the recording once it’s been captured? With Panopto, you can upload all of your existing recordings into a secure video content management system where the videos can be centrally managed and efficiently streamed to any device.

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Search inside your web conference recordings.

Web conferences often run 30 to 60 minutes, and most of the time, you won’t want to watch the entire recording. But how do you find that two-minute segment somewhere in the video that covers the content you need to review? Answer: Smart Search by Panopto. Smart Search indexes the audio and on-screen text in every web conference recording. As a result, you can find anything that was said or shown during the call and fast forward to that precise moment in the video.

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Programmatically ingest web conference recordings.

Panopto’s video platform includes APIs that enable your developers to programmatically upload and manage your recorded web conference calls. Using the APIs and easy-to-use sample code, web conference calls can be ingested in real-time, uploaded in batch, or captured through the use of watch folders.

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