Panopto's video for SAP SuccessFactors integrates seamlessly with your LMS

Don’t leave video-based knowledge out of your LMS.

Your SuccessFactors LMS is the center of your learning environment. And it does a great job with knowledge stored in documents, PDFs, and PowerPoint slides. But with restrictions on video file sizes and types, limited ability to search video content, and poor streaming that results in extended buffering times, it’s clear that SuccessFactors just wasn’t built to support your video knowledge base.

With Panopto, you’ve got a solution. Panopto’s industry-leading video content management system (video CMS) integrates seamlessly with your SAP SuccessFactors LMS.

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Embed videos, playlists, and even your entire library into SuccessFactors with Panopto

Embed videos, playlists, and even your entire library.

Panopto brings your video content into SuccessFactors.

Panopto makes it easy to include video where your people already go for information. With Panopto, you can easily embed individual videos, complete playlists, and even your company’s entire video library directly into SuccessFactors to make it easy for your employees to find and view your videos.

Panopto’s embedded video player is designed for learning. Accessibility features enable viewers to speed up and slow down playback and tailor the format of any included closed captions. And with one click, viewers can also securely open their video in the full Panopto interactive player, where they can search, comment, and bookmark the video for future reference.

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Search inside your videos within SuccessFactors to navigate to relevant content with Panopto

Search your videos for any word spoken or shown.

Without ever leaving your LMS.

Embedding your Panopto video library in SuccessFactors gives your employees complete access to Panopto’s video search engine, Smart Search.

The industry’s most comprehensive video search engine, Smart Search enables your employees to search your entire video portal for any word spoken or shown in any recording, and instantly fast forward right to the relevant moment they were looking for — all inside SuccessFactors.

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Panopto's SAP SuccessFactors integration is SCORM capable

Panopto and SuccessFactors speak the same language.

The Panopto video platform is fully SCORM compatible, making it easier than ever to include video content in your learning activities.

Create or upload eLearning videos in Panopto and easily add them to courses in SuccessFactors. Panopto makes it a snap to export complete SCORM manifests for any video, providing you with user-level analytics so that instructors and administrators can see who’s played which video, whether or not they watched it in full or stopped short, and much more.

Enable secure access to your Panopto video library with SuccessFactors login credentials

Synchronized single sign-on in SuccessFactors.

Panopto integrates with SAML 2.0, the single sign-on (SSO) ID management solution SuccessFactors uses to manage employee access and permissions, and utilizes rolling synchronization to authenticate users in your employee directory each time a user logs in.

Administrators can set access and permissions at the user-level, making it easy for employees to access and view video content while ensuring sensitive videos remain secure.