Who’s watching what?

And what’s watched most?

Want to know if someone specific has watched a video? Or where in your recording people tend to stop watching?

Panopto helps you get the most out of your media by providing minute-by-minute analytics for each of your videos.

Interactive live video analytics software

Monitor live video streams.

Troubleshoot on the fly and analyze the overall performance of your live streamed events as they’re happening.

With Panopto’s Hive Insights integration, you can monitor the quality of experience, quality of service, video startup time, total viewers, and more.

Learn more about analyzing live streams with Hive Insights

Integrate Google Analytics.

Connect Panopto with your Google Analytics account, and easily build your own reporting dashboards that combine live and historical data.

Connect to other analytics software.

Access your video analytics programmatically with the Panopto API, integrate video reports with your existing analytics system, or export your Panopto reports to analyze as a spreadsheet.

Panopto’s flipped classroom video software helps measure student engagement with digital course content

Your entire video library.

In a single dashboard.

Monitor the activity, health, and size of your video library, all in one place. Get real-time reports on videos, users, playlists, servers, and more.