Videos aren’t like other files.

Panopto makes managing video easier.

A one-minute HD video can exceed Sharepoint’s maximum file size.

A spike in viewers during a live broadcast can bog down your network.

Panopto gives you the tools you need to manage your video assets, and to stream live and on-demand video efficiently across your network.

Make video a core part of your LMS, CMS, and CRM.

To effectively store and share video content, you need a system that can handle massive video files and the complexities of video streaming. Panopto’s VCMS is purpose-built for managing video, putting an end to the headaches of forcing video to work in traditional content management systems.

End-to-end video management.

Managing video shouldn’t require a collection of point solutions. Panopto’s enterprise video platform is an integrated solution that makes it easy to centralize all of your videos, manage formatting, access, and branding, and stream them to any device.

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