Panopto utilizes HTTP based video streaming to ensure quick delivery and quality playback

Get to know modern video streaming.

Delivering video content efficiently over large corporate networks used to require a myriad of specialized streaming servers, caching systems, overlay networks, and custom protocols. Panopto is different.

Panopto’s video platform is built from the ground up on modern streaming architecture that leverages HTTP-based streaming, enabling your organization to more efficiently deliver of video content across your network, at both greater scale and lower cost.

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Panopto's ECDN help reduce latency and buffering

A lightweight ECDN built for video
and available at no extra cost.

We believe that efficient video streaming should be included as a core feature of the platform. So we offer the Panopto ECDN at no additional cost to our customers.

The Panopto ECDN consists of Panopto streaming servers and edge servers. The edge servers can be easily installed at remote locations to reduce latency and buffering, speed video startup time, and reduce the amount of WAN bandwidth consumed by live and on-demand video on your network.

Eliminate up to 90% of WAN traffic for your live streams with Panopto's SD ECDN integration with Kollective

The efficiency of multicast.

The simplicity of modern protocols.

Together with Kollective, the leader in software-defined enterprise content delivery networks (SD ECDN), we offer a best-of-breed live streaming solution for corporate intranets. With no additional investment in network capacity or specialized hardware, you can quickly deploy video streaming infrastructure that eliminates up to 90% of WAN traffic for your live broadcasts.

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From the Internet to your corpnet.

Bundled or bring-your-own CDN.

Panopto’s video platform provides the easiest, most flexible options for delivering video content over your network. Out of the box, we deliver video using Akamai and Amazon CloudFront CDNs, the largest global content delivery networks. And if you already partner with a CDN provider, Panopto is compatible. In fact, you can configure Panopto to work with your CDN with only a few simple updates in your Panopto admin console.

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Panopto's content delivery network is flexible and can work with your existing ECDN