Professional-grade live streaming.

Accessible to anyone.

Facebook Live, Periscope by Twitter, YouTube Live Streaming — if you’re streaming video to someone’s social feeds, you’ve got options. If you’re broadcasting something more important, however — your CEO’s keynote, a press conference, a campus-wide event, an investor presentation — you need a more flexible, reliable solution.

Panopto combines the simplicity of Periscope with the power of professional broadcasting solutions. It’s how businesses and universities live stream events and presentations.

Present anything live online.

To one person or one million.

Stop relying on web conferencing technology to share your online presentations.

With professional webcasting software, you can securely broadcast your video to any web browser without the need for special software. Forget the attendance caps of GoToWebinar and WebEx, and connect with a virtually unlimited audience with Panopto.

Streaming is just the beginning.

The day of the event, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your live stream will work. Panopto makes live streaming video easy and reliable for organizations of all sizes.

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