Multi-camera recording with Panopto

Connect your devices and click Record.

We'll take care of the rest.

Capture video from any device that you can plug into your laptop. Panopto supports everything from USB webcams to high-end camcorders, document cameras to digital whiteboards, and more. Just plug in your video capture devices, select them in Panopto, and press Record. That’s it.

Multi-camera recording with your iOS device.

Turn your iPad or iPhone into an additional camera input. Just start the Panopto app on your iOS device and create a new recording, or join a recording already in progress. Panopto automatically syncs your video feeds into a single recording.

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Capture your content from every angle.

Panopto's multi-camera recording capability lets you see product demos from multiple angles, capture different views of speakers during events, and record additional information sources such as document cameras, whiteboards and brainstorming documents.

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