Panopto has partnered with leaders in the PC industry to bring you purpose-built video recording and live webcasting appliances.

Every Panopto-certified appliance works out of the box with your existing Panopto video platform. The hardware includes our remote recording software, and automatically connects to your organization’s Panopto server. Appliances are remotely controlled through any web browser, providing your presenters with a hands-free lecture capture experience.

For AV teams and IT organizations, these appliances provide the ability to schedule single or recurring video events in advance, configure recording devices and quality, and monitor recordings as they take place.

All videos are automatically published to Panopto’s video content management system, where they’re indexed for search using our Smart Search technology, and encoded for on-demand playback on any device.

Matrox Maevex 6020

State-of-the-Art Video Capture

The Matrox Maevex 6020 is the smallest, quietest, most maintenance-free certified appliance, and it’s built by one of the world’s most respected video hardware manufacturers. Its low power usage and near-silent operation make it ideal for discreet video capture in any classroom, conference room, or auditorium.

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Seneca Rackmount

Flexible Video Capture

The Seneca appliance provides the most flexibility, with options for two or four video inputs and different types of inputs including HDMI and SDI. Seneca is also the only rackmount certified appliance, making it ideal for IT organizations whose video capture infrastructure is installed in room closets or on-premises data centers.

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Shuttle XH110G

Affordable Video Capture

The Shuttle XH110G is the most affordable certified appliance. It’s got a larger footprint than the Matrox Maevex 6020, but smaller than the Seneca rackmount. Its fan is also louder than Matrox, but quieter than Seneca. And with a price point under $2000, the Shuttle XH110G is ideal for organizations looking to cost-effectively scale their video capture infrastructure.

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What makes a device Panopto-Certified?

Panopto-Certified devices are jointly engineered by Panopto and the manufacturing partner. They're purpose-built video capture appliances that integrate seamlessly with the Panopto video platform and address a range of recording and live streaming scenarios. Panopto tests these devices extensively in-house prior to product releases, and provides joint support and warranty processes with the manufacturer to ensure high-quality customer service.

Panopto-Certified devices complement the video platform's PC and Mac-based video capture apps and are ideal for customers looking for a turnkey, hardware-based solution. Panopto customers may evaluate certified appliances for 30 days at no charge. For more information, contact your Panopto representative.

Panopto's certified video capture hardware meets a strict set of criteria to ensure customer satisfaction

What's included with Panopto

With Panopto-certified video capture hardware, you simply unbox and go. These appliances are built to run our industry-leading video platform, which includes a YouTube-like video portal, best-in-class video recording and live streaming software, a unique video search engine, and more.