OpenSearch: An industry standard

for securely sharing search results.

Imagine a future in which you could search any internal system, and find relevant videos included in your search results. OpenSearch is that future — an industry standard that lets you return aggregated search results from multiple solutions, no matter where the search was performed.

Search your video content

right from your web browser.

Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge and Safari all support the OpenSearch standard. Adding Panopto to your web browser’s list of search providers allows you to find Panopto video search results without ever leaving the browser.

Your LMS, CMS, social tools and more.

OpenSearch already works
with your network.

Connect your video portal to the places people already look for information. OpenSearch is supported by content management systems including SharePoint, WordPress, and Drupal, enterprise collaboration software like Jive, and learning management systems like Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, and more.  

Search federation that's backed by the industry’s most powerful video search engine.

When you search for videos using Panopto and OpenSearch, you’re not just searching the title and description of your recordings. You’re searching every word spoken and every word shown on-screen within every video. Finally, you can search your video content as easily as you search your email and documents.

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