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Pour améliorer la formation dans le domaine de la santé, il suffit de cliquer sur "Play".

Video has now become an essential part of how employees in hospitals, clinics, medical schools, and other offices in the healthcare industry teach, train, and communicate. Video for Healthcare Training - Panopto Video Platform

Il est facile de comprendre pourquoi. Domaine où le jargon domine, les soins de santé doivent faire face à un sujet des plus complexes. Même les professionnels de la santé ne sont pas à l'abri d'une mauvaise interprétation de la documentation textuelle et des bonnes pratiques. Ces difficultés ne font qu'augmenter alors que les médecins, les assistants, le personnel administratif et d'autres acteurs sont priés de partager toujours plus de connaissances toujours plus rapidement, et notamment avec un public qui ne partage pas toujours leur langue maternelle.

In this environment, video has been met with a welcome relief — a tool that can quickly show more detail than could ever be described in text, and that can be shared and reviewed easily anytime and anywhere it’s needed. So how are modern health care providers using video today?

Support and Scale Physician Training
More than 66% of physicians use online videos to stay abreast of the latest clinical information, spending an average of 11 hours per week on professional training and development. Video training with tools like Panopto helps keep physicians and staff up-to-date with latest information, methods, and practices.

Make Internal Communications More Engaging
Every organization relies on effective communication with its employees, board and staff. But this can be a challenge in healthcare, where employees aren’t necessarily seated in front of an email inbox all day. With a video platform, your corporate communication can be live streamed or distributed on-demand to thousands of employees around the world with just a few clicks.

Améliorer l'éducation des patients
Video can be a powerful supplement to your patient education efforts, providing guidance on disease prevention, medical procedures, and chronic condition management. Video has also been shown to promote active patient participation in treatment decisions while saving physicians time associated with individual counseling.

Diffusez des Événements et des Annonces
Many hospitals, medical schools, and other providers seek to share their latest intelligence, news, and insights with the broader community. From opening a state-of-the-art facility to announcing new treatments and programs to publicizing the results of recent research, Panopto provides the most flexible and cost effective live video webcasting solution for healthcare providers.

Preserve and Share Expertise
Whether it’s physicians showing how to work through an assessment or diagnosis in detail, an administrator sharing the right way to enter data into the institution’s records systems, or virtually any other task that would benefit from a visual demonstration, video helps healthcare organizations easily record, catalog, and share the expertise of their teams.

Maintain a Central, Secure Video Library
No matter how an organization uses video most often, nearly every one creates a library of video files in the process. Panopto is the only video platform that integrates best-of-breed recording and webcasting with a secure video library and a unique video search engine that makes finding information inside your videos as easy as searching for content within email and documents.

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ICON - CTA - How Modern Healthcare Providers Are Using Video - Panopto Video PlatformQu'il s'agisse d'améliorer les communications administratives ou de favoriser le partage de connaissances techniques entre spécialistes, chaque prestataire trouvera des moyens uniques d'intégrer la vidéo pour soutenir et développer la manière dont ses équipes enseignent, apprennent et partagent l'information.

In our latest white paper, A Premium On Expertise: How Today’s Healthcare Providers Are Using Video, we’ll take a deeper look into some of today’s most common video strategies that healthcare providers are leveraging to share information, improve training, and communicate better both internally and externally.

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