Miss a meeting and need to quickly catch up on what you missed?  Read it instead–it’s in your email inbox.


Seattle — August 16, 2021 — Panopto, the leading video management system provider, has enhanced its Smart Chapter feature so that it automatically sends an email to meeting participants, including a table of contents and a complete transcript of the meeting recording.  The email contains the transcript of every word spoken in the meeting, along with a snapshot of key moments from the meeting. The snapshot is created by Smart Chapters, which auto-generates a table of contents so viewers can navigate quickly to specific moments of interest. Meeting attendees, including those who missed the meeting, can now search for the meeting, scan the table of contents, and read the transcript without leaving their email inbox.

The use of meeting recordings in enterprises and large institutions continues to accelerate, according to a recent report from Wainhouse Research. Wainhouse found that 77% of IT staff expect to record and store more content from meetings than they did a year ago.  This growth in the storage of recordings presents security challenges and provides the opportunity to improve employee productivity if the recordings are used properly.

Recorded in video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Webex Meetings, and Microsoft Teams, these meeting recordings are stored in secure video management systems so that they can be searched, automatically shared, and preserved as corporate assets harnessing institutional knowledge. Employees gain significant time savings when they can comprehensively search across every internal meeting by every word spoken or written, then read the transcript that is automatically organized with a table of contents.

After a meeting host records a video conference, Panopto automatically uploads, converts, and transcribes the recorded meeting. Just as knowledge workers read email daily, with Panopto, they can now read the transcript of a meeting they attended or missed directly from their email inbox. Those who missed an hour-long meeting, for example, can quickly scan the automatically-generated table of contents to read the moments that matter to them. The entire transcript is linked directly to the corresponding points in the video in case they want to watch a particularly important moment.

“If you think attending a meeting is painful, try watching an hour-long recording,” said Eric Burns, Panopto’s CEO. “Panopto saves attendees’ time by transcribing recorded meetings and delivering key moments straight to their inboxes. With Smart Chapters and click-to-watch transcripts, it’s now easier than ever to watch the important parts and skip the rest.”


Panopto delivers every word ever spoken in a meeting recording, plus an automatically generated Table of Contents, directly to your email inbox–in text.


Smart Chapters is available with a Panopto Enterprise license. For more information, visit



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公開:8月 16, 2021