Video platform for sale sand marketing communications

Take your slide deck to the next level.

PowerPoint is an amazing sales tool — which is why all your competitors already use it. Your sales reps need a way to help their presentations stand out from the crowd.

Next to video, slides fall flat. With Panopto, your reps can record and share your sales materials the way they were meant to be seen, capturing every visual and animation in cinematic HD. They can break outside the slide, adding product demos, recorded testimonials, detailed walkthroughs, and virtually anything else. And they can do it all right from their laptop, with just a few clicks.

Personalize sales messages and presentations.

The beauty of a slide deck is that it’s quick to customize. Swap out a logo, update a name, pull in an industry-specific stat and you’re done. You couldn’t possibly do that with video, right?

Panopto makes it easy for your reps to record custom video segments and switch them in and out of your customer presentations. With Panopto’s web-based editor, your reps can include personalized introductions, add answers to specific questions, and add or remove just about anything else to make your materials relevant and personal — and do it all just as easily as they do today with your PowerPoint slides.

Deliver the perfect pitch.

Recording and sharing sales messages for prospects and customers to view on-demand means your reps will always be able to make the perfect presentation (even if they need a few takes or a couple edits to get there). With video you can be sure your team will have emphasized the key points, drawn the critical connections, and cleared up any of those possible moments of confusion, right from the start.

Present virtually in new ways.

With Panopto, your reps have three new ways to make virtual presentations. First, reps can live stream directly with Panopto — our webcasts play in any browser, eliminating the need for specialized conferencing software. Second, reps can keep using the web conferencing tools they know, but record their calls with Panopto where they’ll be searchable and shareable. And third, reps can simply record and share presentations in advance.

Make your messages more memorable.

90 percent of communication is nonverbal. People remember 20 percent of what they hear and 30 percent of what they see — but 70 percent of what they see and hear.

Limiting your reps to communicating via calls and emails and slides takes away their best presentation tool: themselves. Making it easy for your reps to supplement your materials with quick, customized video helps your team make better, more engaging outreach. And for your prospects and customers, video makes your messages easier to consume, easier to remember, and easier to pass along.

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