A single solution for live and on-demand video.

Your teams pour their hearts into creating informative, engaging events. But in the era of triple-booked schedules and travel budget restrictions, more and more of your audiences are missing out. “You just had to be there” isn’t good policy when it comes to helping more people attend your activities.

With Panopto, you can share any presentation, meeting, or event online with the click of a button. Panopto gives you a single tool to produce and manage video both live streaming and on-demand — helping you reach the widest possible audience, on their terms.

Efficiently, reliably stream your events.

“I can’t see anything.” “Did the audio just cut out?” “The window’s just been buffering for the last five minutes.” Streaming video’s been a risky proposition up till now, and even the biggest companies in the world — IBM, Apple, and Amazon — have seen critical live event video feeds fail.

But you don’t need to join those ranks. Panopto is built for stable, HTML5-based modern streaming. Every video delivered by Panopto — live or on-demand — leverages adaptive bitrate streaming and automatic device and individual network strength detection to ensure highest quality playback, every time, for every viewer.

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Scale your event to thousands around the world.

Relying on video conferencing systems to stream your events means accepting restrictions on your audience. Most conferencing tools require viewers to install specialized software to participate, and even then still cap attendance around 1,000. And no conferencing tool automatically records and stores your event for on-demand playback.

With Panopto, you can securely broadcast any presentation to any audience — from a single internal team to thousands of public viewers around the world. Panopto video streams in any web browser, no specialized hardware or software required. And when your event is over, Panopto automatically makes your video available on-demand in your video library.

Professional-quality video without the professional equipment.

No cables. No specialists. No expense. If you’ve ever thought event video was too complex to produce and manage in-house, it’s time to think again. Just ask Siemens — they captured a 3-day, 30-session international conference with just a few webcams, their presenters’ own laptops, and Panopto. To read how they did it, check out our case studies.

Panopto’s unique multi-camera functionality enables you to stream from multiple cameras and other video sources simultaneously, while our platform syncs all those feeds in real time and automatically takes care of post-production activities like indexing and transcoding. With Panopto, your team can produce professional event video at a fraction of the cost you’re used to paying.

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