From remote extraction to field service.

On-demand training that goes where your people do.

Today’s schools are producing fewer scientists, and as a generation of institutional and technical specialists look toward retirement, the skills gap is a real concern. Panopto helps you create a bridge, making it easy to record formal and informal training and stream it live or on-demand to any video player, anywhere your people need it.

Record you and your PowerPoint slides

Capture, share, and search internal expertise.

Your company relies on a diverse group of experts to navigate increasing competition and rising margin pressure. Video can help you preserve and scale your expertise — capturing innovations in extraction, refining, and distribution, and sharing the market and regulatory knowledge that’s vital for sustained profitability.

Spark some insights.

A better way to train and present.

In a landscape marked by rising commodity prices, competition for reserves, uneven demand, and the need to identify new growth opportunities, energy companies need a fresh approach to learning and collaboration. Video gives you an edge.