Panopto makes knowledge sharing in financial services companies simple

Employee development that does more with less.

85% of every dollar spent on classroom training goes to travel and logistics. Switching to video-based eLearning can cut per-session training costs 50-70% annually. Find out what Natixis, Deloitte, RA Capital and others firms already know. Video training improves operational efficiency and improves your bottom line.

Simplify on-demand knowledge sharing.

Answering the same questions over and over. Traveling to provide insights on-site. It all cuts into the available hours your experts have to actually get work done. Recording and sharing answers to routine questions and high-demand demonstrations can give your experts back their time — and make their know-how available on-demand.

Just hit

Just click “record”.

The easiest way to train and present.

Video is helping financial institutions become more agile — scaling communications and development initiatives while cutting costs, capturing expertise to better identify business opportunities, and even enhancing transparency with customers.