Expand training and communications initiatives with Panopto's video solution for insurance carriers

Expand training and communications initiatives.

Not your expense ratios.

Call center training needs an update. Employees are asking for transparency. And agents need more regular and detailed information about the product. But every extra dollar you spend only pushes your combined rate up. Panopto makes video an affordable way to scale training and communication, in a more engaging format employees and agents prefer to text alone.

Create simple, professional videos to present quotes and explain procedures with Panopto

In Quotes. Claims. And Customer Service.

Make insurance personal again.

It’s hard to stand out when policy documents all have to follow the same regulations. Unless you can help your team make all that text a bit easier to comprehend. With Panopto, your agents and employees create simple, professional video messages to present quotes, explain procedures, and answer FAQs, all with a personal touch.

With Panopto, professional video is easy to record, search, and share

Discover a tool that gives you an edge.

Costs rising. Workforce aging. Brands muddled by political red tape. You need a tool you can use to gain an edge and create an advantage in market designed to make it hard for carriers to set themselves apart. With Panopto, professional video is easy to record, search, and share.