Tap your institutional knowledge.

Video helps legal teams manage, share, and amplify their expertise. Preserve and share the wisdom of your partners and specialists, enable staff to efficiently trade insights on new regulations and precedent, and build a secure, searchable library of knowledge available on-demand.

Record meetings and briefings and review them on-demand anywhere with Panopto

Create more useful records. Just click record.

Give your team a tool that helps ensure they’ll never miss a detail. Record meetings and briefings and review them on-demand anywhere, or upload videos to Panopto and search every word spoken or shown.

Watch videos uploaded to your video library on any device with Panopto

A better way to train and present.

Video offers firms a versatile means to enhance their competitive advantages. Efficiently scale formal and informal training and communications activities, capture important conversations and interviews and facilitate eDiscovery, and extend firm culture and know-how into new markets and acquisitions.