From the shop floor to the top floor.

Help employees work more effectively.

By allowing real-time tracking and coordination of the production process from suppliers to the factory to customers, SCM and ERP systems manage Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing processes. Today’s facilities waste not a machine, not a movement, and not a moment — and that’s where video has become a welcome ally. With Panopto, you can enhance the formal and informal learning activities every employee needs to improve skills, share best practices, and work more efficiently.

Make knowledge your sustainable competitive advantage with Panopto's video platform for manufacturers

Use video, not spreadsheets to view your operations.

Success in manufacturing relies on eyesight and expertise as much as raw data. Video helps businesses view their operations in ways spreadsheets can’t, providing an objective view to help spotlight opportunities and offering a visual, engaging way to connect management and workforce — in both directions.

Factory workers hybrid training

Easily demonstrate complex processes

Video is an effective tool in demonstrating complex processes in manufacturing. It allows for a visual representation of the steps involved in the operation of machines and equipment, reducing the need for hands-on training and minimizing the risk of operator error. Additionally, videos can be edited to highlight specific parts of the process, while captions can help explain any difficult concepts.


Panopto's in-video search makes finding relevant content easy

Use on-demand videos to give employees the flexibility they need

On-demand video caters to your employees’ needs. It provides a flexible and convenient way for busy front-line workers to access training and educational content, as they can watch videos at their own pace and on their own schedule. It also enables employees to review and revisit key concepts as many times as they need to, while in-video search makes finding relevant content easy.

Help employees work more efficiently using video with Panopto

Make knowledge your sustainable competitive advantage.

Where market conditions are never static and threats of competition or commoditization are never far off, where employee turnover is common and required expertise is always shifting, you need a stable, reliable advantage. Video makes your company’s know-how shareable, searchable, and reliable.