With Panopto as your VMS, you will have a better way to train and share knowledge

Discover learning, simplified.

A better way to train and share knowledge.

In an industry marked by rapidly changing technology, high employee turnover, and rising costs, retail companies need an effortless way to communicate with and train their employees. With video you can make learning more efficient and accessible, and give your team time back to focus on what matters most – the customer.

Panopto is the ideal Video Platform for Retail to reduce employee turnover through training.

Discover what top retailers already know.

Video supports consistent messaging and branding.

Ensure consistent messaging and branding across your organization by providing a centralized platform for sharing internal updates, product releases, and company presentations. With Panopto, you can control who has access to your videos, and ensure that your messaging and branding guidelines are followed by all employees.

Incorporating video into onboarding part-time employees can help cut costs

From the front of the register to the back of the house – create efficient training and onboarding processes.

Panopto makes it easy to create and share training videos for your employees, whether they’re in-store or remote. With our video platform, you can record and upload training sessions, product demonstrations, and other instructional videos to a secure, searchable video library that can be accessed by your team from anywhere, at any time.


Video analytics in Zoom vs in Panopto

Don’t just guess. Make informed decisions.

Video analytics leave assumptions behind.

Gone are the days of wondering how your training is performing. Panopto’s video platform provides detailed analytics and insights, such as who is watching your videos, how long they’re watching, and where they’re dropping off. Optimize your video learning strategy and measure the impact of your videos on your business.

Panopto is the easiest way to record and share videos

Think big. Grow big. Scale video to meet your goals.

Whether you're a small retailer or a large multinational corporation, Panopto is a highly scalable video platform that can support your video needs. With cloud-based hosting, you can expect automatic scalability, increased security, and efficient streaming so you can focus on your business growth.