Learn what med schools already know.

Video makes training more valuable.

Something surprising is happening inside the world’s top medical schools: video has become an indispensable teaching tool. At hundreds of top campuses, professors are recording lectures, providing doctors-to-be with an invaluable study aid. Video training is simple, searchable, and repeatable — and as today’s students become tomorrow’s professionals, video is becoming the preferred medium for learning.

Don’t just tell. Show.

Video clarifies complex information.

In a field that rivals any for jargon, text and illustrations are easy to miscomprehend — especially as physicians and staff are pressed to share more information more quickly. Video can quickly show more detail than could ever be described in text, in a format that’s easy to review and follow along on-demand.

Make training and communications more efficient and accessible with Panopto

Discover a better way to convey information.

In healthcare, every second of the day is one doctors could spend seeing patients, nurses could spend assisting families, and staff could spend improving operations. With video you can make training and communications more efficient and accessible, and give your team more of their time back to spend where it matters most.