A secure, centralized location for managing your videos.

Businesses are generating new video at an exponential rate. Yet for most companies, this valuable content is scattered across corporate intranet sites, SharePoint portals, and file shares where it’s hard to discover and impossible to manage.

With Panopto, you can centralize all of your video assets in a secure video content management system (VCMS). Simply drag and drop videos to upload them, one at a time or in batch. Panopto will convert every video for optimal playback on any device and index the videos using our unique inside-video search engine.

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“Panopto helps us organize, store, and deliver video so that anybody in any office can find any training materials they wish and can watch it. Doing that, in turn, is helping us unite our offices and take advantage of our shared expertise.”

Julie O’Brien, Attorney Development Manager, Perkins Coie LLP

Integrate video with existing portals and infrastructure.

In addition to providing a YouTube-like portal for publishing and streaming your videos, Panopto makes it easy to syndicate your video content on other internal sites that your employees already use.

Once you’ve uploaded videos to Panopto, you can embed them individually or as playlists in your learning management system (LMS), content management system (CMS), social collaboration tools, and other internal web pages.

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Search inside your video content.

Panopto Smart Search is a unique video search engine that enables you to search inside video content as easily as you search inside email or documents.

With automatic speech recognition, you can find and fast-forward to words mentioned by speakers in your videos. With optical character recognition, you can find and fast-forward to words that appear on-screen in your video presentations.

And with support for the OpenSearch standard, you can federate Panopto search results into your existing SharePoint sites, WordPress portals and more.

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“Fundamentally, we wanted to make more use of more content. We had about 300 instructor-led events per year, but there were other opportunities that weren’t getting recorded — things like guru talks, knowledge sharing sessions, and brown bag discussions. We knew there was a wealth of great information being presented in those environments, and we wanted to capture it to make it available anytime, anywhere, for everyone at Qualcomm.”

Ken Davis, Senior Learning Technology Specialist, Qualcomm Inc.

A secure video repository that you control.

Allowing employees to use sites like YouTube, Vimeo, or DropBox to store and share your internal videos opens the door to a range of potential problems.

With Panopto, you’re in charge of your business’ video. You can securely deploy our enterprise YouTube on-premises or host it in the cloud. You can control user access with your existing identity providers. You can review analytics and usage reports. And you can ensure that video is streamed across your network efficiently using Panopto’s modern streaming protocols.

Interactive Video Quizzing

Easily create and include multiple choice, checkbox, and true/false questions to test learner comprehension, reinforce key concepts, improve knowledge retention, and make your videos more engaging – all without the need for any add-ons.

Create and add questions to your videos in less than a minute, decide whether viewers can retake quizzes, review grades, and learn more about correct answers, and access real-time reports of quiz responses to help identify which viewers may have struggled and which topics were most challenging.

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