Connect with your Single Sign-On (SSO) system for simple login and analytics.

Company meetings, compliance training, subject matter expert presentations — the information your teams are sharing in video is often business critical. You want to know who’s watching, and that the wrong eyes aren’t able to see.

Panopto integrates with single sign-on ID management solutions including oAuth, SAML, and Active Directory, as well as a number of LMS authentication systems for both desktop and mobile users. Customers can authenticate through other ID providers using our API, and continually synchronize access control lists. And for training and development teams, Panopto is compatible with SCORM-compliant learning management systems, enabling organizations to link to Panopto videos and track viewer completion rates from within their LMS.

An integrated, corporate YouTube - Panopto

Add video capabilities to your portals and services.

In a short time, video has gone from nice-to-have to absolutely essential — a core part of training, communications, knowledge management, sales enablement, and more. And that creates a few problems, because other enterprise technologies just weren’t designed to handle video files.

Fortunately, Panopto includes out of the box integrations for a huge and constantly growing list of enterprise technologies. Make it simple to add training videos to your LMS. Make sure video content can be found in your CMS. Let your teams include video in your internal social networks and sales CRM. Panopto makes it easy to add video almost anywhere — helping you improve the functionality of your existing technology without having to buy new.

Customize your video workflows with developer APIs.

Every organization’s technology stack is unique — but when it comes to video, that means every company has one big need in common. You don’t want another silo. You want a solution that can be customized to work well with your existing systems.

Panopto’s API enables you to customize and extend our video platform to meet the needs of your existing business processes and IT infrastructure. Using code written in any language, you can programmatically import videos, schedule live webcasts, record recurring meetings, manage users and permissions, change video properties, perform custom analytics, and more.

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