Cut the cables with multi-camera, distributed recording.

You shouldn’t have to set up your events around where you can position your cameras, where you need to put your production station, and whether you’ve got enough cable to reach all the angles you want to record.

With Panopto, all you need is a laptop to record or live stream up to four video streams simultaneously. Need more? Panopto’s unique multi-camera distributed recording capability allows you to capture video using a virtually unlimited number of laptops — and stream it all into to a single recording file online in real time, no cables or other connections required. Best of all, no matter how many angles you’ve captured, Panopto syncs every video stream automatically, saving you hours of post-production time.

Secure webcasting and live streaming

Slash the cost of video production.

Whether it’s a big conference keynote or a small internal event, a laptop and Panopto are all your team needs to produce any presentation for any audience. Just ask Siemens — they captured a 3-day, 30-session international conference with just a few webcams, their presenters’ own laptops, and Panopto. See how they did it in our case studies.

With Panopto, your team can produce professional event video at a fraction of the cost. Record and live stream with just a few clicks. Once your event is over, Panopto automatically takes care of all those technical details that used to require a specialist — indexing for search, transcoding for optimal playback on any device, and instantly making the file available in your Corporate YouTube.

“Panopto was the only means to record and capture
this large of an event on a timely basis.”

Thomas P. Doyle, Director of Curriculum Development, Siemens PLM Software
Create smarter video presentations with Panopto’s video presentation software

Failsafe recording and optimized playback.

When it comes to preventing video failure, Panopto helps you twice. First, Panopto’s Failsafe Recording feature recognizes when a recording or webcast has been interrupted, and allows you to simply pick up the stream when you come back online. When the event wraps up, Panopto recovers the original file and automatically stitches it together with the second part as though the outage never occurred.

Second, Panopto ensures your videos always play properly, with playback optimized for each viewer.  Panopto is built for stable, HTML5-based modern streaming. Every video delivered by Panopto — live or on-demand — leverages adaptive bitrate streaming and automatic device and individual network strength detection to ensure highest quality playback, every time, for every viewer.

End the long waits for on-demand recordings.

The most common frustration of producing event video might just be the simplest: turnaround time. Just getting a webinar recording ready to share online may take days. Large events may not be ready for weeks — when the information shared there is already past its prime.

Panopto puts an end to the wait. With Panopto, your recordings and webcasts are ready for your audience to view on-demand just minutes after your session ends. Share them instantly, or keep them private while you trim, edit, and circulate for approvals. Once you’re happy with the final results, you can make them available — even embed them in event web pages or post them on event social media outlets — with just a few clicks.

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