Stop treating video differently.

Modern streaming protocols treat video no differently than any other content delivered across the network. The result is a unified transport for all of the content that flows across your network, reducing management costs and complexity.

Deliver video more efficiently.

For many organizations, Modern Streaming presents new opportunities to use existing network infrastructure for more scalable, cost-effective video delivery. Panopto is the first video platform to implement an end-to-end media pipeline using HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) for video capture, streaming, and on-demand distribution.

Panopto works out of the box with popular HTTP caching systems like Squid, Nginx, Apache, and IIS, and integrates seamlessly with WANop appliances and software from Riverbed, Blue Coat, Silver Peak, and others. For content in external data centers, Panopto integrates with a range of asymmetric WANop solutions. And Panopto works seamlessly with software-defined, peer-to-peer enterprise content delivery networks (ECDNs) like Kollective, delivering on the efficiency promises of multicast while using modern streaming protocols.

Reduce complexity while improving scalability.

Whenever a technology requires specialized support, risk increases. When working with video, overlay networks, custom protocols, and specialized servers required for previous streaming solutions left organizations with fragile, expert-dependent systems.

Modern Streaming reduces that complexity, enabling organizations to consolidate video network traffic to HTTP using TCP ports 80 and 443. It lowers costs, eliminating the need to deploy and manage separate caching infrastructures and overlay networks. And the ubiquity of HTTP servers and caching proxies reduces the bandwidth costs, makes scalability an inherent feature of the underlying network, and helps ensure compatibility and optimal playback experience for a wide range of viewer devices and connections.

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