Efficient, reliable software for live webcasting corporate events.

“I can’t see anything.” “Did the audio just cut out?” “The window’s just been buffering for the last five minutes.” Streaming video’s been a risky proposition up until now, and even the biggest companies in the world — IBM, Apple, and Amazon — have seen critical live event video feeds fail.

You don’t need to join those ranks. Panopto is built for stable, HTML5-based modern streaming. Every video delivered by Panopto, live or on-demand, leverages adaptive bitrate streaming, as well as automatic device and network strength detection to ensure the highest quality playback, every time, for every viewer. And in the event your recording or webcast is interrupted, Panopto’s fail-safe recording allows you to simply pick up the stream when you come back online. Our video software then recovers the original file and automatically stitches it together with the second part so it appears as though the outage never occurred in your final video recording.

15 Ways Your Business Could Be Using Live Webcasting

Scale your corporate broadcast to thousands around the world.

Relying on video conferencing systems to live stream your events means accepting restrictions on your audience. Most conferencing tools require viewers to install specialized software to participate and typically cap attendance around 1,000. Even then, no video conferencing tool automatically records and stores your event for on-demand playback.

With Panopto, you can securely broadcast any presentation to any audience, from a single internal team to thousands of public viewers around the world. Panopto videos stream live in any web browser, with no specialized hardware, software, or web browser plugins required. And when your event is over, Panopto automatically makes your video available on-demand in your video library.

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A simple, secure live webcasting solution
that anyone in your company can use.

Your teams pour their hearts into producing informative, engaging seminars, conferences, town halls, executive communications, and other internal events. But in the era of triple-booked schedules and travel budget restrictions, more and more of your attendees are missing out. “You just had to be there” isn’t good policy when it comes to helping more people attend your company events.

With Panopto, you can webcast any presentation or meeting online with the click of a button. And with Panopto’s Single Sign-On integrations and built-in security, rest assured your secure video streams will only be seen by the audiences you approve.

How easy is live streaming with Panopto? When Mizuno USA needed a better solution for broadcasting town hall meetings, Panopto was fully deployed, integrated, tested and ready in just three weeks.

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“It’s amazing how simple it was — with Panopto, everything just worked. Instantly, we had a repeatable and reliable process that we could use with all our team meetings going forward.”

Tim Whitlock, Director of Information Technology, Mizuno USA Mizuno on using Panopto for corporate communications

Monitor live events with Hive Insights.

When broadcasting your own live events, your team needs the tools to quickly and easily identify any streaming quality or network issues that may impact the live viewing experience.

Panopto’s integration with Hive Insights gives you the tools you need to monitor the performance of your live streams and troubleshoot issues on the fly. Get instant data to analyze the quality of experience, quality of service, video startup time, total viewers, and more.

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Slash the cost of video production.

Record professional-quality event videos without the professional price tag.

If you’ve ever thought event video was too complex to produce and manage in-house, it’s time to think again. With Panopto, your teams can produce professional event videos at a fraction of the cost you’re used to paying. Record and live stream with just a few clicks. Then, once your event is over, Panopto automatically takes care of all those technical details that used to require a specialist — indexing for search (no more tagging), transcoding for optimal playback on any device, and instantly making the file available in your video library.

Want proof? One of the world’s largest industrial engineering firms used Panopto to capture a 3-day, 30-session international conference with nothing more than a few webcams, their presenters’ own laptops, and Panopto.

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“Panopto was the only means to record and capture this large of an event on a timely basis.”

Director of Curriculum Development, Global Industrial Engineering Firm

Cut the cables with multi-camera, distributed recording.

Stop setting up your events based on where you can set up your cameras, where you need to put your production station, and whether you’ve got enough cable to reach all the angles you want to record.

With Panopto, all you need is a laptop to record or live stream up to four video streams simultaneously. Need more? Panopto’s unique distributed recording capability allows you to capture video using a virtually unlimited number of laptops and stream it all into to a single recording file online in real time, no cables or other connections required. Best of all, no matter how many angles you’ve captured, Panopto syncs every video stream automatically, saving you hours of post-production time.

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End the long waits for on-demand recordings.

The most common frustration of producing event video might just be the simplest: turnaround time. Just getting a webinar recording ready to share online may take days. Large events may not be ready for weeks. By the time your video is ready to share, the information in it may already be past its prime.

Panopto puts an end to the wait. With Panopto, your recordings and webcasts are ready for your audience to view on-demand just minutes after your live session ends. Share the videos instantly, or keep them private while you trim, edit, and circulate for approvals. Once you’re happy with the final results, you can make them available by sharing a link, posting to social media, or even embedding our customizable video player in event web pages with just a few clicks.