Connect and inspire employees, live and on-demand.

Engagement at work is at a ten year low. Employees want to better understand how their positions support the bigger picture, as well as to get more detailed insight on where the company is headed. But it has to be convenient — no one has time for another newsletter or social network.

Panopto gives you a better communication platform, both helping you get more value out of what you’re already doing, and making it easy to share even more. Open Panopto on any laptop and with just a few clicks, you’ll be able to stream announcements, presentations, interviews, speeches, town hall events, and more, live or on-demand, for employees around the world to see.

“We’re growing globally, and that makes relying on instructor-led training an expensive proposition. We see it being a wiser option to hold that session once in the room, and use Panopto both to broadcast that class out live to 100 people in remote offices, as well as record it make it available on demand.”

Ken Davis, Senior Learning Technology Specialist, Qualcomm Inc.

Keep your entire team up to speed.

Whether it’s a change in strategy or just an update to policies, organizations get into trouble when their people aren’t all working with the same objectives. Memos and handbooks aren’t always practical to produce — and even then, employees regularly overlook or misunderstand key points, if they even read them at all.

With Panopto, you’re in control. Present your message and highlight the points you want heard. Share it by email, or embedded in internal websites and social collaboration tools. And make it fully searchable in your centralized “Corporate YouTube” video library, where anyone who may have missed it the first time can quickly find and reference it.

Foster transparency with the top floor.

Every year employees ask for more insight into the inner workings of their organizations and more transparency from their executives. Most companies want to oblige — but when executives’ schedules are already triple-booked, adding more brown bags and town halls just isn’t possible.

Panopto makes executive communications more flexible and more scalable. With Panopto, leaders can quickly record candid video presentations on-demand, covering virtually any aspect of the business, and share them securely for employees to view. And with the same tool, executives and communications teams can webcast meetings and announcements live in high definition, enabling them to instantly reach thousands of employees, investors, or customers across the globe.

“At the end of the day, nobody wants to read through long emails or dense policy. They prefer to have it said to them wherever possible. And because our recordings are all searchable, we’re giving them exactly the information they need.”

Business Analyst, Financial Technology Company

Reduce the cost of your corporate communications.

Using video in your corporate communications used to be expensive. Recording meant videographers and specialized cameras. Production meant AV specialists and weeks of editing and technical work. All together, it meant serious budget.

Panopto changes that equation. With Panopto, all you need is a laptop and a webcam to create professional video. Record yourself, your slides, your screen, and any other secondary video — Panopto syncs everything, helps you edit and share, and automatically takes care of all the complex formatting and transcoding. Whether you’re capturing an ad hoc message from a VP, recording the CFO’s quarterly update, or live streaming an internal event, Panopto gives you an easy-to-use, cost-effective video solution for corporate communications.

Measure employee engagement.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Webpage visits and email opens only tell you if people made it to the starting line, not how many finished. How can you find out if your messages are resonating with employees — if you don’t even know whether people are actually reading them?

Video gives you a more nuanced way to view and measure employee engagement. Panopto analytics provide communications teams with detailed reporting for every video in your library, including the number of times each recording was viewed, the number of unique viewers, the timing of viewer drop-off, and more.

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