Live stream webinars and events without limits.

You’ve been pressing other video tools into service for years. Dealing with attendance caps on web conferencing-based webinar tools. Hosting recordings on a YouTube channel. Live streaming events with a Twitter app. Wouldn’t it be nice to finally have a video toolbox designed for professional communicators?

Panopto puts you in control. Webcast webinars, events, and virtually anything else in HD over the internet — with no attendance limits. Host live and on-demand video securely in your own video library. And do it all right from your laptop, anytime and anywhere.

Show what differentiates your company with video demos and explainers.

You’ve established brand principles. Mapped buyer journeys. Optimized editorial calendars. Invested in UI. But what about simply and clearly explaining what your products actually do?

When it’s available, 3 in 5 people will watch a video before they’ll read even one word of supporting text. And that translates into purchases — 85% of people are more likely to buy a product if they saw an explainer video first. Marketers already understand the power of video in advertising — with Panopto, you can easily extend that power with quick explainers, feature FAQs, and end-to-end demos that help engage, inform, and motivate your customers.

Demonstrate thought leadership with video presentations.

In the knowledge economy, everyone’s attracted to expertise. Brands and leaders with an insider’s take on what’s now and what’s next find themselves making conference keynote speeches, fielding calls from media outlets, and earning the loyalty of industry enthusiasts. But knowing is different from showing — if you’re going to be a thought leader, you need to share.

Video offers a simple way to make your name, in a format that inextricably links the idea with the individual. Personal introductions, video blogs, Ask Me Anything interviews, streaming real-time commentary on industry events and more are all proven methods for leveraging video to position yourself at the forefront of your industry.

Connect with customers, from “welcome” to “welcome back.”

Customer experience has quickly become a central practice in marketing organizations, and it’s easy to see why. It’s 7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one.

As organizations come to recognize their customers’ buying journeys, video has become a natural extension of experience management. Today, communications teams use Panopto to create reusable post-purchase Thank You videos, simple new user onboarding recordings to ensure a great first-time experience with the product, “tips & tricks” recordings that help customers become experts, and all kinds of renewal messages and promotions to help limit churn and encourage smart upsells.

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