Get new reps selling faster with video onboarding.

On average, onboarding a new sales rep takes more than three months. Shifting to eLearning has proven to reduce time spent in training by 35% — meaning those first sales can start coming in a month earlier.

Panopto makes it easy to record and share training materials, product demos, and everything else you need to onboard new reps quickly. Video onboarding helps you make your onboarding more consistent and complete, and ensures that every rep gets the right information the right way as they get up to speed.

“With Panopto, video has become an invaluable part of our customer communications strategy. Whenever we introduce a new product or feature, our developers record a quick video demo. We use those videos to train our customer support and sales teams on the new additions, so that they can then effectively communicate them to our end users.”

Manager, Employee Development, Business Software Company

Make product demos and updates clear and engaging.

Your customers expect their sales representative to understand every detail of your product, pricing, and support plans. It’s a high bar, and one that rises every time you announce a new feature or policy.

Video makes it easy for your team to quite literally see how everything works. With Panopto, you can record complex product demonstrations, walk through detailed process changes, and present just about anything else your team needs to know, all right from your laptop or mobile device.

Share best practices, tips, and techniques.

Sales are made in the details — so capture more of them. For sales calls, Panopto helps you put an end to manual call-logging. Reps can instead record a post-call rundown on a smartphone and append it to the customer’s CRM record.

And whereas in the past, institutional knowledge was traded ad-hoc over the water cooler, today video gives your reps a simple tool to present or demonstrate their favorite best practices, then make that recording available for anyone in your video library or an enterprise collaboration space like Salesforce Chatter or Jive.

“Previously it could take someone three to four months to really get immersed in one of our products. Our process is more efficient now. Using Panopto makes us more effective internally which, in turn, enables our team members to communicate more effectively with our customers.”

CEO, Financial Technology Company
Interactive video quizzing in Panopto

Interactive Video Quizzing

Easily create and include multiple choice, checkbox, and true/false questions to test comprehension, reinforce key concepts, improve knowledge retention, and make your sales training videos more engaging.

Create and add questions to your videos in less than a minute, decide whether reps can retake quizzes, review grades, and learn more about correct answers, and access real-time reports of quiz responses to help identify which team members may have struggled and which points were most challenging.

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Support just-in-time learning with searchable video.

If your customers are asking questions now, covering the answers in next week’s training isn’t good enough. Your reps need a means to tap into your knowledge base on-demand — and that access needs to be complete and reliable even if a rep is working off hours or remotely in the field.

Panopto’s Smart Search enables reps to find specific video content in seconds with a simple keyword search. And Panopto is automatically formats every video for playback on any device — so your reps can search and view recordings from anywhere, right on their laptop or mobile device.

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