Preserve and share institutional knowledge with Panopto's knowledge management video software

Capture and share more institutional knowledge.

From the top down, and the bottom-up.

In the knowledge economy, just about every employee is an expert in something. But all that knowledge just isn’t as powerful when it isn’t shared — your people may be the best, but if they aren’t available when others need their expertise, time and productivity are wasted. Unless, of course, you’ve done something to make more of that know-how available on-demand.  

When it comes to preserving and sharing institutional knowledge within an organization, both the formal, top-down process of knowledge management and the informal, grassroots process of peer-to-peer social learning are essential to ensuring the collective experience and insights of individual employees can be passed on and exchanged between team members. And Panopto’s easy-to-use video platform makes it simple for knowledge managers to foster a culture of knowledge sharing among colleagues, while simultaneously working to preserve high-priority institutional expertise from the top-down.

Maximize peer-to-peer learning with video.

Quick “ask-the-expert” conversations are an essential part of how team members learn from one another and make everyone more productive. Your team likely already trades tips and insights ad hoc over Slack, but with Panopto, they can record those helpful moments and share them for everyone’s benefit.

Panopto enables your employees to record and share their expertise with our easy-to-use video recording software that runs on any PC, Mac, or mobile device. In just minutes, your engineers can capture detailed walk-throughs to help others understand your product architecture; your marketing team can demonstrate how other business units can leverage your automation software; and your sales force can swap best practices that lead to more business.

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“Our teams are leveraging Panopto more and more to enable social knowledge sharing. And the reason for that is because of the unique capture capability that Panopto has to capture what’s on your screen, along with additional video from additional cameras, and bring it all together and make it easy to search and share.”

Ken Davis, Senior Learning Technology Specialist, Qualcomm Inc.
Preserve the knowledge of exiting employees with Panopto's video knowledge management software

Preserve the knowledge of exiting employees.

Institutional expertise shouldn’t leave just because your experts do. Video makes it simple to document the knowledge of your departing employees.

Hold on to the critical details of your business, systems, and processes that may only be known to a single executive or subject matter expert. And even where individual expertise isn’t an issue, you can help your teams more smoothly transition projects and outline day-to-day responsibilities for a departing employee’s replacement. No matter the role, Panopto makes all that information easy to search and review, even long after your employee has moved on.

Easily build an expansive, searchable video knowledge base.

Panopto’s video platform is the only solution you need to create and manage video knowledge assets. Panopto recordings are automatically published into your own secure video library, where Panopto’s Smart Search indexes every word spoken or shown on-screen, so employees can instantly find and fast-forward right to the information they need.

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Integrate video with existing knowledge systems like Salesforce and Jive

Integrate video with existing knowledge systems.

Today’s teams already use enterprise collaboration tools Slack, CRM tools like Salesforce, content libraries like SharePoint, and internal wikis and websites built on WordPress and Drupal to share tips, ideas, and pointers for improving productivity. Panopto makes it easy to embed videos, share playlists, and search video content in the places your employees already go for information.

Panopto helps you encourage employees to build deeper working relationships with peers, and offers your teams an easy way to demonstrate new techniques, highlight underappreciated aspects of your products, or just give a quick rundown on how to connect to the new printer.

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“Sharing our knowledge via on-demand video in Panopto gives our people the power to access the team’s expertise whenever and wherever they need it.”

Manager, Employee Development, Business Software Company