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Panopto and Microsoft Teams

Discover the Power of Panopto with MS Teams

The integration of Panopto with Microsoft Teams enables seamless and innovative video solutions directly within the Teams environment.

This collaboration allows users to easily record, share, and manage video content, enhancing communication and collaboration.

The integration leverages Panopto’s advanced video capabilities, providing features like searchable video libraries and automatic transcription, thus enriching the Teams experience with smart video functionalities.

See our latest Video Testimonials

Delivering Video Training Excellence at the Qualcomm Wireless Academy with Panopto

“Panopto has been such a key foundation to our technology course development. The reliability and richness of features has been essential. We are privileged and proud to be working with Panopto to bring wireless education to the world.”

Vikram Malhotra, Senior Director of Program Management, Qualcomm Wireless Academy

How American 1 Credit Union greatly improved Information Sharing and internal Communications

“Since adopting Panopto staff are more engaged and they’re getting information faster and in a format that they can better process. We have different learning styles on the team, and moving towards a culture of video makes it more efficient to train staff on new topics.”

Jeff King, Multimedia Specialist, American 1 Credit Union

Panopto Video Content Management for Business

Cherished by over 10 million users worldwide.

Panopto’s unique VCMS features allow for one of the most comprehensive video recording, streaming and sharing experiences businesses and higher education institutions can get:

  • State-of-the-art video cloud offers scalability even when catering to hundreds of thousands of users
  • AI-powered features such as automated captions and caption translations into 20+ languages
  • Federated video search on a keyword base
  • Non-destructive editing for enhanced flexibility
  • Integrations with leading software tools such as Zoom, MS Teams, Moodle, Canvas and more.
  • Best-in-class customer support and service with 9.6 / 10 customer satisfaction ratings for 6 years in a row