From presentations to meetings, lectures to how-tos, live streaming to video messages, with Panopto, you can record and share anything.


Start recording and sharing. It’s free.

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It's easy to create and share videos

Panopto is a secure, mobile-ready, all-in-one video solution

Plans that scale from individuals
to enterprises


Single User

Browser-based screen
and video recorder,
no install or download required


Start recording

(Requires Chrome, Edge, or Firefox browsers)

Unlimited screen and webcam recordings
Multi-source support
Smart Camera auto-pan 
Download MP4 format
Auto upload to YouTube, Google Classroom or Panopto
No limitations, watermarks, or sign-up required


Single User

video solution for
individual creators


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Everything included with Express plus
Secure video sharing
Upload or record videos
Built-in video editor
Search for spoken or written words
Content management tools
Automatic transcriptions
Integrated quizzing
5 hours of free storage


Organizations > 100 people

All-in-one video solution for
organizations that need live
streaming and integrations

Free trial

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Everything in Basic plus
Live streaming
SSO integration
Zoom, Webex, Teams integration
Automated remote recording
Scheduled recordings and events
Publishing approval workflows
Content retention policy management
Generous storage
Professional support
Plus more

Trusted by millions of users

“Panopto has become a driving force behind a massive digital transformation at Canon Solutions America — it’s taking our entire organization to the next level.”

Eric Hill, Senior Product Training Specialist, Canon Solutions America, Inc. Canon Solutions America

“There are so many products out there that promise great capture, but no other solution delivers support and management like Panopto.”

Jimmy Lieu, Director, Information Technology and Services, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business

“Previously it could take someone three to four months to really get immersed in one of our products. Our process is more efficient now, and that’s where we see the greatest benefit. Using Panopto makes us more effective internally which, in turn, enables us to communicate more effectively with our customers.”

CEO, Financial Technology Company

Commonly asked questions

Why do I need Panopto if I can upload and share videos for free using YouTube?

Panopto provides everything you need to record, edit, analyze, manage, and securely share videos.  With Panopto, you control everything, including monetization and who sees your videos.  Plus, depending on which Panopto plan you choose, you can integrate with other solutions, brand videos, and more.                 


Is Panopto a video conferencing solution like Zoom, Webex, and Teams?

Unlike video conferencing solutions which require everyone to be simultaneously present, Panopto provides the flexibility for users to create and consume information using asynchronous video communication. With Panopto, anyone can record and share anything at any time, including recordings of video conferencing meetings, enabling others to view (and review) it where and when they need it most.     


Is Panopto Basic just a free trial?

Panopto Basic is a free, fully-featured video solution that you may use for as long as you wish. It includes everything you will need for creating, managing, sharing and streaming recorded videos. If you exceed the included storage or require more extensive product support, you can upgrade to Panopto Pro.  It’s free for 30-days, then $14.95/mo. Panopto Enterprise is for organizations with 100+ employees who require unlimited storage, live streaming, and integration.      


Does Panopto require me to forfeit or share my content rights?

Unlike free-to-use ad-funded solutions like Youtube, Panopto honors your rights as a creator. You will always retain full ownership and control of any content you create or share using Panopto.


Does Panopto watermark videos or set file size/time limitations?

No matter which plan you choose, Panopto will not watermark any videos, set file size, or time limitations.  


Will viewers see third-party ads on any videos I share with Panopto?

With Panopto, you control any content you create, including how you choose to monetize it. Panopto will not insert third-party ads or re-sell any viewer data.  As the content owner, you can choose to insert ads or monetize however you choose.


What type of secure video sharing can I do with Panopto?

With Panopto, you can securely share a video with just one person, a group of people, or anyone on the internet. Panotpo’s iron-clad security provides everything you need.  


Can I live stream with Panopto?

Only Panopto’s Enterprise plan includes an industry-leading high-definition multi-source live streaming service.  To learn more about features, integration, and capabilities, visit the live streaming page.


Can I cancel at any time?

Except for our Enterprise offering, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

How Panopto stacks up





No download or install required
Record multiple screens and webcams
Upload video and audio files
Edit videos in any browser
Create interactive video quizzes
Manage videos in a YouTube-like portal
Share videos with anyone
Smart Search™: search for any spoken or written word
Monetize videos
Integrate with learning management systems
Integrate with web conferencing systems
Live stream videos from PCs and Macs
Departmental workspace for managing your team's videos
Schedule and remotely control your recordings and live events
Review and approve videos before publishing
Enterprise-grade security
Enterprise-wide content policy retention enforcement

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