As employees return to the office, businesses want to believe that remote and in-person staff can simply join a Zoom call and replicate a cohesive team. Yet we’ve learned that it is a cognitive challenge for remote and in-person employees to engage equally in a synchronous workplace. Companies that don’t address this imbalance risk stratifying their workforce, affecting equity, productivity, and innovation.

This webinar will explore how you can bridge the gap between in-person and virtual participants to ensure robust training engagement and outcomes. We look at best practices and tactics before, during, and after training, including:

  • Using asynchronous tools to align on training expectations prior to sessions
  • Fostering a level playing field of communication between in-person and remote participants
  • Capturing a 360-degree understanding of meeting content and discussion across all audiences
  • Measuring engagement and outcomes for each training participant

Discover how to develop flexible, consistent, and accessible training to support all your employees in an evolving future.

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