With the rising vaccination rate across the world, some universities are planning to teach in a hybrid model in the coming semester, EdTech leaders will be met with yet another challenge: finding a student-centered, personalized approach to teaching with online and hybrid models.

Many EdTech teams rely on tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams to support learning – but is real-time video-conferencing software enough? As we see the number of virtual classroom sessions continue to skyrocket, many institutions are asking themselves that very question.

Join this webinar to hear about how to augment your virtual classrooms with Panopto. In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • How you can provide in-person and remote students with the same learning experience
  • Why live, synchronous video classes aren’t enough
  • How synchronous and asynchronous learning methodologies compare and contrast
  • Panopto demo: how to use video for an effective blended learning approach

Watch the Webinar