It was late on a Friday when an urgent email from the new CEO came in.

The first all-hands Team Meeting of the year was fast approaching at Mizuno, a global leader in sports apparel and equipment, and this one would be especially important. Not only would it be the chief executive’s first presentation to the company, but senior leaders from Mizuno’s parent corporation in Japan were visiting, and the Chairman himself had requested to speak at the event as well.

The challenge was big — given the significance of the occasion, could Mizuno find a live streaming video solution to allow the entire team to experience the meeting as if they were there in the room?

And there was a catch — the date for the presentation was set. The Mizuno team would have only three weeks to select and implement a live streaming solution, and absolutely no margin for error.

With Panopto, the team at Mizuno met their live streaming challenge — and then some. Scribbled on the team’s whiteboard the morning after the big presentation was a note from the new CEO: “That was so awesome. It was flawless. It could not have been more perfect.”

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