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The Challenge

This fast-growing analytics and business intelligence software company builds data visualization solutions that enable users to create rich analyses of their data.

The company’s team of developers rivals any for technical aptitude. But that genius, in turn, left senior leaders wondering how to efficiently communicate every aspect of the company’s product architecture in full detail — even as the product suite and the development team both rapidly expanded.

The company’s small internal employee training team is constantly working to solve three critical business challenges: 

  1. Ensuring that every member of the development team completely understands every facet of the product — from the core functionality to the newest features — inside and out, both now and in the future as new features are added; 
  2. Finding enough technically capable new hires to accommodate the organization’s exponential growth, and then getting all those new team members up to speed on an incredibly complex technical solution within a target of 30 days; 
  3. Enabling the development team to share their technical expertise with other business units, ensuring that members of the customer service and product sales organizations, among others, always have up-to-the-minute product knowledge. 

We have so much information to share,” says a member of the company’s employee training team. “We’re tasked with conveying to our coworkers everything they need to know and understand in order to do their jobs—and often in a very short period of time.” 

With that in mind, the team sought out a tool that could help the company use video for learning and development. Specifically, the team needed a flexible solution for capturing formal training presentations as well as informal learning videos, and a video content management system that would make the videos viewable on any device. 

They soon found the Panopto video platform.

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The Solution

To support the company’s incredible growth and create a solution to the company’s key business learning challenges, the developer training team began using Panopto to introduce a new means of knowledge curation — formal and informal video training that would reach across departments and divisions. 

Today that video knowledge-sharing practice takes many forms across the organization, built upon four strategic pillars:

  • Formal technical product training created and shared within the development team 
  • Informal knowledge sharing created by the developers themselves to communicate with each other 
  • On-demand product training created by the developers to communicate with the sales and customer support teams 
  • Formal knowledge-sharing that connects developers to the company and its mission 

Rather than develop individual systems for each of these needs, Panopto’s video platform enabled the company to address all four pillars in a single solution. Anyone inside the development team with knowledge to share can simply open the Panopto recorder on any laptop, click record, and present. Panopto takes care of all the technical AV work automatically, making the resulting video ready to share with anyone, anytime, anywhere — almost instantly.

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The Impact

Trusted as the experts in visualizing big data, this fast-growing analytics and business intelligence software company has found the support it needs to maintain and expand its industry-leading team of developers. 

Panopto has given the company an all-in-one platform for video tutorials, Q&A sessions, product demonstrations, feature reviews, and more. Today, company-wide knowledge-exchange and a new developer onboarding process allow the company to scale up quickly — and match a growth rate that’s off the charts.

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