Here’s a skills gap challenge for you: How can today’s Learning & Development teams train more people on more subjects — without spending more?

In the past, delivering more training meant putting more trainers in more classrooms, but that means adding expenses to cover travel, facility fees, catering, and more. And even when there’s room in your budget, your ability to scale up is still limited by the number of employees who might realistically be able to attend an in-person session at the date and time you’ve scheduled.

There must be a way to make instructor-led training more consistent, more available, and more affordable, right? There is.

In this webinar, you’ll see how other businesses use Panopto’s video platform as a cost-effective means for delivering more training to more employees with more consistency. We discuss 5 novel ways your organization can use video to achieve higher levels of success in employee training, including:

  • Accelerating onboarding
  • Training new managers
  • Enhancing sales enablement
  • Sharing institutional knowledge
  • Streaming live training events

Named by Gartner as a “Leader” in video content management four times in a row, Panopto is helping organizations use video to more intelligently support and scale their training efforts.

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