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Future-Proof Your Workplace With Video Training

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In these times of financial uncertainty, leaders must make difficult – and creative – decisions to achieve results.

The GETI 2021 report revealed that the most meaningful way to build resilience and secure employees for the long term is through training and development. But with tightened budgets, out-of-the-box thinking is required to achieve effective solutions that minimize costs.

With personalized training that utilizes the power of video, training new and existing employees no longer has to be the biggest challenge.

As a learning and development decision-maker, you have an opportunity to use innovative video-based training strategies to support company expansion, increase employee engagement, and retention – all while saving time and money.

Main Takeaways:

  • Data-driven trends that support creative video training strategies such as social learning and upskilling.
  • How Ingersoll Rand distributed video training tools globally to streamline virtual learning and save time.
  • Methods for leveraging video to maximize social learning.
  • 5 ways creative video training can future-proof your business.

Chris Knowlton, Chief Evangelist

Bio: Chris Knowlton is the Chief Evangelist of Panopto, where he educates organizations and industries about the opportunity and impact of asynchronous video communication and knowledge sharing. A veteran of Microsoft, Wowza Media Systems, and BlueFrame Technology, Knowlton has over two decades of expertise in strategic video solutions for schools and businesses of all sizes, and he holds several patents for streaming software technologies.

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