Remember when you could walk over to a colleague’s desk and check something quickly? Or when you could pull in more than five colleagues into the meeting room for brainstorming? Life in 2020 has changed — and how! The world of work has flipped on its head – from engagement basics like monthly townhalls and lunch-and-learn workshops, to foundational questions such as whether it makes sense to maintain a physical office space and how morale is being impacted by prolonged remote working.

Threading all of this together is one function-agnostic priority — communication. The pandemic may have put the brakes on business growth, but there’s no time for HR professionals to take a break. Clear and consistent communication has proven to be the #1 must-have in enabling the future workforce to become resilient and adaptable in the face of uncertainty.

So how can you — an organizational leader, HR head, or line manager — successfully transition to a virtual communication culture without impacting productivity negatively?

In this webinar, we will bring forth ways in which you can prepare your organization for a digitalized world. You can look forward to the following takeaways:

  1. Introducing the key tenets of digital communication culture, by studying the actions, behaviors and changes involved.
  2. Budget and buy-in: Will you require deep pockets for investment in new-age tech, and if not, what are the alternatives? How do you convince your stakeholders?
  3. Actionable tips and use cases to create employee messaging that works, by applying fresh, new tools such as video communication, video training, live webcasting, and more.


  • Raman Sidhu, Global Head of OD & Learning – Global Commercial, Shell
  • Elle Hosek, General Manager, Asia, Panopto

Watch the Webinar